Writing Description Part Two: Tips on Writing Description

Blogger problem #297: Scheduling a post for the 28th, thinking it was a Tuesday and then having it post on the 28th which I set it for: Monday! So here’s the post again on Tuesday. I’m a new blogger, still learning, so I’m sorry for you who are getting post emails, you’ve got another one! And, I must say, this is better than the one that came flying in your inbox without my known authority. So … moving on to the actual post.

Two weeks ago I started a series on writing description. The first was about the pros and cons of description and last week’s post was on the difference between classics and modern bestsellers regarding description. Today’s post is tips on when, where, and how to use description in your story. Used right, it has changed the way I read, write, feel, see, and even think of the world, and hopefully that is the same for you.

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Writing Description Part One – Change Through the Centuries

The last post was the beginning of a series of posts on writing description in fiction, where I talked about the pros and cons of writing description and why it is important. So now we’re going to focus on this question: Why do books today have less description and detail than older classics?  

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Writing Description Introduction: The Pros and Cons of Description

Well, I haven’t done too many posts on writing, so a few weeks ago I decided to write up a post on description in fiction. … A post? More like three. The whole subject on description in writing is huge. There’s so much to talk about and so much different aspects to cover. This blog post series might end up like a bunch of writing research essays on my part, but it’ll be useful information and hopefully helpful for those of you who write.

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Writing Tips: Naming Your Characters – A Guest Post by Hannah Heath

Hannah Heath is a writer, reader, blogger, and a great friend of mine, and I have the privilege of having her write a guest post for this blog! She’s an expert at writing and this post will be her take on naming characters for stories. Her blog is Hannah Heath – Writer, so don’t forget to check it out! In fact, clicking on the link to her blog is mandatory. If you’re not even a writer or need help with names, this girl has great humor, so none of you want to miss this. Onwards!

Word nerd: a person infatuated with the written word, including, but not limited to, books, grammar, dictionaries, pronunciation guides, and foreign languages.

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BBC Sherlock: Season Four, the 2015 Christmas Special, and a Critique

Alright, Sherlockians, tune in. I know it’s been about a year since the faintest murmurings were heard of a Christmas special in December 2015, and I’ve known for a while. But it’s gonna be fun to not only post on what’s to be expected with Sherlock, but what we’ve already seen of the British detective sociopath’s TV series that has attracted hundreds of fans. (Sorry, high functional sociopath.)

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