BBC Sherlock: Season Four, the 2015 Christmas Special, and a Critique

Alright, Sherlockians, tune in. I know it’s been about a year since the faintest murmurings were heard of a Christmas special in December 2015, and I’ve known for a while. But it’s gonna be fun to not only post on what’s to be expected with Sherlock, but what we’ve already seen of the British detective sociopath’s TV series that has attracted hundreds of fans. (Sorry, high functional sociopath.)

BBC Sherlock @ Tea with Tumnus

Well, apparently Season Four has been pushed back (perhaps winter 2016 or January 2017), leaving the Christmas Special, which will be aired on December 25th. What are we expecting in Season Four? Besides the obvious, such as Moriarty coming back, we have been given only a few hints of the next season, just enough to “keep us [fans] on our toes.” There’s a certain secret they’re keeping from us, but Dr. Watson did end up as a widower in the Sherlock Holmes book series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (great books by the way, the first is a Study in Scarlet). Also, I think we’re looking at a darker intense Sherlock season. Moffat says: “It’s consequences. Chickens come home to roost. It’s dark in some ways – obviously it’s great fun and a Sherlock Holmes romp and all that – but there’s a sense of things coming back to bite you. It’s not a safe, sensible way to live. It’s hilarious and exhilarating some days, but some days it’s going to be bloody frightening.” This could end up being just what some are looking for and just what some are not looking for. On my part, I just don’t like Mary and I’m hoping she dies. That’s probably sick; she was redeemed enough in the last part of the last episode to make her more likable, but, darker or not, I hope they keep the good ol’ comedy and wittiness which makes BBC Sherlock, in my mind, a classic.

Mangussen was a really cool character with potential for more development. I liked him; not only was he someone who seemed to be more clever and intelligent than Moriarty, but someone who actually did beat Sherlock at his own game. However, after bringing both Sherlock and Moriarty back from the dead, I can’t help but have my doubts: could Mangusson’s death also be faked? I’m sort of hoping it was; he was a good challenging match for Holmes. Of course, I’m not saying Moriarty isn’t good enough. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to his comeback.

Ending this section with another quote by Moffat on this next season: “We’re certainly going to put them through the mill. It’s going to be more of an emotional upheaval. Hopefully enjoyable and fun, all the things Sherlock must always be. It will be tough at times. Maybe that’s the word? A tougher series.”

Filming is complete for the Sherlock Christmas Special! Way excited about this one. My excitement in blog and text format is simple: “YES!!!! *throws confetti at 221B* Finally, Sherlock in its right place and time era!!!” Looks like the name of this standalone episode will be called “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.” It is actually the name of one of the Sherlock Holmes stories and must be based off it. Residents in the Queen Street area of London were actually notified that the place would be decorated in Victorian themes for the filming of Sherlock. Lucky them. Looks like this website Den of Geek has pretty much everything you need to know about the Special, even those of you with twitter accounts can follow photographers and see photos from on set! Here’s a short sneak peak of the first couple minutes of the Special (cool, right!?)

Now for a little critique. Sherlock is a modern British TV series. This explains why there’s so much gay reference; Britain in comparison to the United States is ahead in this certain aspect of culture today. There are references to both Sherlock and Watson being gay (it’s good that they’re not, it’d totally ruin it), and this is the only big problem for me in the series.

The other problem is the language, though it’s pretty mild in Sherlock. If my siblings pick up a DVD rated PG-13 for language, we’ll start joking, and it’s all “Hey, look! There’s language in this movie! I hope it’s English.” There are also certain scenes besides the language. And I would recommend skipping A Scandel in Belgravia altogether. “TV-14 for violence, disturbing images, drug material, partial nudity and some language.” – imdb

My overall impression of Sherlock: “Why didn’t we find out about this series earlier!?It is incredibly well done for a TV series, is accurate to most of the original Doyle Holmes plots, it’s funny, witty, and hey, it’s Smaug and Bilbo after all! To top it all off, it’s British and has an awesome film score by David Arnold and Michael Price (check out our piano duet of “The Game is On”). If you’re “Sherlocked” at all, you’ll be nodding. If you haven’t seen this series, check it out! 99% percent you’ll love it and 1% you’ll like it guaranteed. Sherlock is undoubtedly the best (and the most stuck-up) high functioning sociopath you’ll ever meet. Don’t forget to keep updated on other sites and/or blogs on Season Four and the Christmas Special.

BBC Sherlock: Christmas Special
BBC Sherlock: Christmas Special

Have you seen Sherlock? What are your thoughts on it overall and your hopes for the upcoming episodes and special? I love hearing others’ opinions. Keep tuned for a guest post by awesome blogger and writer Hannah Heath next Tuesday. The Game is On!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Grandmom says:

    We have enjoyed this series immensely! Our favorite is the piano duet, however! 🙂 You both have such a musician’s touch!!


  2. elynanylez says:

    Sherlock is by far the best adaptation that I have seen. I’m really looking forward to Season 4. It’s fun to theorize how Moriarty survived (if he did; I have my own theories about a brother). Personally, I like Mary (am I the only one out there?) because, despite her flaws, she liked Sherlock from their first meeting, unlike most other characters.

    I like your critical points on the show. But some of my friends believe that Season 3 was a little over the top, portraying Sherlock as overly sentimental as opposed to the previous seasons. What are your thoughts on this?


    1. Tea W. says:

      Interesting theory on Moriarty! I’m excited to see how it turns out. You do have a point there with Mary, I think she really made the whole Season 3, but her character, to me, is annoying.
      I agree with Season 3 being over the top. Sherlock Holmes’s character was definitely altered in that he was too sentimental. I think that this is good and bad, because Holmes, as the traditional character, is not at all emotional in any way, yet I think this sentimentality made Season 3 more dramatic and suspenseful… Season 3 was not my favorite, compared to the first, but it’s got some cool stuff about it.
      Thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the post.


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