Costumes and Cosplay: Easy and Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up quick. Have you thought yet about who you’ll be? We have, though I admit we didn’t take too much time to think about it. If you don’t know what costume you should don, and if you still have time, here are a few quicker and easier costume picks off the top of my head that may be helpful for the hurried Halloweener …Read More »


The Birth of a Character: Angela Warthog

“Here is a secret. A very important secret. And it will change your perspective of Angela Warthog. I see you are able to  judge her very easily by the mention of her odd name, and you may not have much of a perspective yet, but here it is: Angela Warthog is a long wanted criminal.”

Angela Warthog in California from the Warthog Chronicles

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Fundraisers: Reminder – Help the Heaths Beat Lyme Disease!

A few months ago I wrote a post about a fundraiser for the Heath family. We were trying to raise money for their trip to the Hansa Center in Kansas for lyme treatment because $50,000 is a lot and one family can’t easily raise that much. Thankfully, however, through prayer and faithful willing donors, we raised $20,000.

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Michael’s Movie Mentions: The Film Director’s Job

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a movie? Whenever we watch movies, we usually don’t think of what goes into the making of it. We enjoy talking about and watching the actors, alot of the time, of course, as they are in the spotlight. But what about the camera man, the guy who does the music, the stunts, who made the set, the props? Who, especially, is the ‘man upstairs’–the guy who planned everything?

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Music Inspiration for Writing Epic Scenes: Film Scores and Other Orchestral Artists

The film score is a very important part of movies today. This is partly because of their ability to convey certain emotions in different scenes. If it’s an action scene, you’re going to hear a lot of suspenseful, high strung music. If it’s a romance scene, the music is going to be sweet and most likely relaxing. Music alone can make you want to cry, laugh, dance, wonder, be horrified, sit on the edge of our seats, or (like me) wave your arms around and call it “conducting.” With no music, particular movie scenes would come across as less meaningful; something is missing.

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The Book and Movie Review: The Martian

When you hear the category “sci-fi,” Star Wars/Trek, Doctor Who, Twilight Zone, Interstellar, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and other such movies or books may come to mind. The thing that’s common with almost all of these is that they may be sci-fi, but they also fall into the “fantasy” category. These stories never happened and could never happen according to our current time and knowledge of science and the universe, which makes them very unrealistic, thus fantasy. Which is one of the reasons why The Martian is cool. It’s unique because it fits into the “sci-fi” category but doesn’t fall in with “fantasy.” It’s totally fiction, incredibly scientific (like only-geeks-get-it scientific), BUT! It’s totally realistic. This is no fantasy … This is it. This is what I’m talking about. This is sci-fi. 

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