Fundraisers: Reminder – Help the Heaths Beat Lyme Disease!

A few months ago I wrote a post about a fundraiser for the Heath family. We were trying to raise money for their trip to the Hansa Center in Kansas for lyme treatment because $50,000 is a lot and one family can’t easily raise that much. Thankfully, however, through prayer and faithful willing donors, we raised $20,000.

Hannah Heath and her parents were able to get treated last August in Kansas. Mrs. Heath is feeling much better now and can now serve her family with more energy. Unfortunately, the treatment only worked for her. Mr. Heath and Hannah’s symptoms are worse, and since Lyme disease attacks different parts of each unfortunate diseased person’s body, they have not seen any improvement after the treatment, and still have not seen any improvement after taking the prescriptions. Lyme is complicated, but it’s painful and takes a lot away from your life. Depending on who has it, symptoms include insomnia, pain during any type of physical effort, aching in the joints and muscles, very low immune systems and digestive problems.

That being said, thank you for your giving. The fundraiser is still up, and we still need money to complete the price for their last visit, as well as other costs for now and future. Will you be willing to put in a little of your earnings to help this family pay for their first visit and the upcoming follow-up visit? Reworded, just a few dollars from you counts, and you are helping this wonderful family to beat Lyme Disease. Check out the fundraiser site, which has more details about what you are giving for.

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