Costumes and Cosplay: Easy and Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up quick. Have you thought yet about who you’ll be? We have, though I admit we didn’t take too much time to think about it. If you don’t know what costume you should don, and if you still have time, here are a few quicker and easier costume picks off the top of my head that may be helpful for the hurried Halloweener …


1) Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

This is a great pick any female potterhead should consider (especially if you have long, very blonde hair) and is a personal favorite of mine because it is fun, weird, and Luna is my favorite anyways. Pretty much anything wonderfully weird/strange/odd/funny should do, but if you want to get accurate with her real outfit, it shouldn’t be too hard to find everything at a couple thrift shops. Don’t forget those spectrospecs! (Though on second thought, you may have to order those.)

Star Lord

2) Starlord (Peter Quill) from Guardians of the Galaxy

Of course! If you want to be a Marvel character, and you don’t have anything, all you really need is a gray shirt, leather jacket, jeans, brown boots, and a cassette tape with headphones. Easy, right? Of course, thrift stores are a good source, but if you’re looking specifically for vests, pick jacket instead. Thrift stores just don’t have leather vests from my experience. And the helmet? Let’s just say it’s easier if you forgot that, unless you want to spend a lot of time on this costume, which would be awesome.

Princess Leia

3) Princess Leia from Star Wars

Ingredients: White sheet. Longish brown hair. Easy. If you happen to have the gun, that’s awesome, but since this is for last minute unfortunates, a nerf/water gun should work … they’ll get the idea, right? Oh, and if you were wondering, the white sheet is for the dress, you can wrap it around like a tunic and a bit of sewing might work … so make sure it’s an older sheet you don’t mind stitching up.

Arthur Dent

4) Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’m positive that this is the easiest Halloween costume ever (I wonder if that’s why I chose it for mine this year). Arthur Dent is a witty and very confused character who wears a long bathrobe, PJs, a towel, and a book that says DON’T PANIC (in large friendly letters). The book shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to make and who doesn’t have a bathrobe and PJs anyway? Just hope people don’t take you for a random person who just got out of bed and make your DON’T PANIC book very obvious.

If you already have a really amazing costume you’re proud of, I advise you to check out this website, Instructables. There are lots of contests on there for original DIY ideas, and there is a contest for Halloween costumes and the prizes are awesome. There’s even a Kylo Ren costume you should check out (but goodness, the mask takes a while).

Hope this was maybe helpful for some of you who are scrambling for a costume. You can even throw a white sheet over yourself and call it a ghost … though this is, in my opinion, an insult to creativity (I admit I got away with it once). What costume have you decided on? Do you have any good ideas for a quick and easy costume for any character from a book/movie/fandom? I’d love to hear those and get creative tips from others as I’m a fan of dressing up as favorite characters.

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