Film Score Origins: The Creation of the Marvel Studios Fanfare

What a creative way to begin the Ant-man movie, yes? People sat back in the seats, eyes wide open in the dark, heart pounding, waiting to hear Brian Tyler’s glorious and triumphant Marvel Fanfare and … hey, I don’t speak Spanish. (But I thought it was great.)

Today I’ll share with you information on the origins of the old Marvel fanfare and the inception of the new one, how it was made, why it was made, when it was made, and who composed it. This is not a post on film score news since the new theme came with Thor: Dark World in 2013, but I thought hey, why not do a little post on it anyways? And why didn’t Ant-man keep the theme in? Well, for creativity’s sake.Read More »


The Writer’s Thoughts: Should I Use the MBTI in Writing?

It was a few weeks ago when a fellow writer introduced the idea to me of using the MBTI for fiction, and it was a week ago that I posted on my MBTI type so that other writers could understand the ISFP in terms of giving it to one of their characters. I thought all this was a great idea, but before I begin giving my characters each a personality type, I thought I would post today on some of my thoughts on doing it first and see what you guys think.

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MBTI Blog Challenge: How to Write an ISFP

Last week I was tagged by Hannah Heath at her blog on the post MBTI Blog Challenge: How to Write an INFJ. The point of this challenge is to describe your personality type so that other writers can understand that type better and apply it to their characters. Cool idea, right? Thanks for the challenge, Hannah *Davy Jones accent* I accept, mate.

How this challenge works: Write a blog post on your personality type. How do you perceive the world around you, what are your fears, strengths, weaknesses, and passions, what makes you happy or upset?  Then tag other writers and soon we’ll have a web of posts on all the different MBTI types. This would be incredibly helpful for writing up a realistic cast of characters, yes? So, let us begin on information on an ISFP written by the ISFP.

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Inspiration: Using Images as Writing Prompts

“Actions speak louder than words.” I’m sure we’ve all heard that phrase before. However, today I’m going to switch some words out to get: “Pictures speak louder than words.” As writers, anything can pique our curiosity, spark some inspiration, and get our minds whirring. Our observations don’t only cause us to think, “Oh, that’s odd and interesting,” but will also make us wonder, “Hey, what a good story/character idea.” These little sparks of inspiration just come from life experience, but good story starters, character ideas, and dialogue bits can also come from pictures … any pictures.

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