History Helps You Write: Religion and Government in Fantasy Fiction

Last semester I took a history class that covered all of history up to 1500 A. D. The textbook was hard to get through and I never really had much of an interest in history, ancient world history in particular. However, besides having an excellent professor and the best college learning experience yet, I learned something in this history class that I knew would take me far in my own writing, thus causing me to appreciate the subject more than I have before.


History Helps You Write Religion and Government in Fantasy Fiction
Photo Credit: Michael Metzler Jr. 2015

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In Which I am Tagged for the Liebster Award and Answer Random Questions

A while ago I was tagged by Gabrielle Massman for the Liebster Award. I try not to get involved in most personal tag chains, as that is not what this blog is about, but since these questions seem more blog-relevant and for the importance of the Liebster Award, I decided to do this one. So, here goes.Read More »

John Williams’s Score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Never have I been more excited to see a movie in a theater.

December 18th is coming up, and what with all the Star Wars marathons and environment everywhere you go, it’s nearly impossible for someone not to know about the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, somehow I managed not to write a post specifically on Star Wars during the last few months. Sometimes I just don’t understand myself.

So, without further ado, since this is the last Tuesday before the Big Day, I will wait no longer and share some Star Wars excitement here and talk a bit about what we know about John Williams and his score for the movie.Read More »

Book Review: Skies of Dripping Gold by Hannah Heath

I think all of us have important questions regarding Life, the Universe, and Everything. How did we get here? Why are we here? What is our purpose? I think the biggest question in this category would be, Why do we live in a world of pain and suffering?

Something wonderful happened in the indie publishing world last weekend. This publication may be somewhat small, but it contains what I believe are some of the biggest words ever written. On December 5, a debut story titled Skies of Dripping Gold was released on Amazon Books, written by Hannah Heath. This story, only 35 pages long, is a beautifully written dark dystopian, but full of inspiration and encouragement, unlike most dystopian novels seen in the YA section of your library. Guys, this is a very short story, but it is so well written that it will leave you amazed with mind whirring. This little book gets a 5-star rating from me, hands and feet down.


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Set to be Released: In the Heart of the Sea

Disregarding seasonal topics, this December is going to be crazy. Why? Even if you aren’t a movie nerd, “Star Wars” will most likely be everyone’s answer. But there are also other cool movies hitting the screen this month besides Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of them being In the Heart of the Sea, directed by Ron Howard and starring Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, and Cillian Murphy and the composer is Roque Baños.

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