“Lone Ranger Finale” – A Hans Zimmer/Rossini Mash-Up Score

All film score composers are inspired by classical artists. Especially for the traditionally orchestral film composers, of course it’s going to sound classical, they use the orchestra after all. For example, John Williams’s style is more classical than contemporary and a lot of his scores are in the classical style; he even writes sonatas and symphonies! But other times it’s so obvious you can even hear a distinct tune that you know came from a classical piece. This is what Hans Zimmer does. Not only does he take just mere elements from classical music, but the tune, the song itself, and makes it his style. One of the songs he does this with is “To the Opera” from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows to accompany an action scene involving an opera and the score fits in perfectly with the movie. You can read about that in the post “To the Opera!” – A Hans Zimmer/Mozart Mash-up Score. Another example I’m focusing on in this post is “Lone Ranger Finale” or “The Lone Ranger Theme.”

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Tag You’re It: The Infinity of Dreams Award and 11 Questions Answered

A while ago I was tagged by a blogger who I like never mention at all: the brilliant, word-savvy friend and co-writer Hannah Heath (thank you Hannah) with her tag called the “Infinity of Dreams Award.” Whoo! If that title doesn’t sound ambitious, I don’t know what does. I suggest you hop on over and check out her blog. Even if you’re not a writer, those of you who like a good sense of humor and a load of nerd references would really enjoy those posts. Plus, she recently published her debut short story Skies of Dripping Gold, which is a must-read for everyone.

Now then, on to answer those 11 questions and tag other bloggers below. (Why is it always 11 questions? Just a wandering thought.)

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BBC Sherlock: The Abominable Bride – The Special that Ruined the Fandom

Ruined, ruined, I say. RUINED!

Allow me to elaborate.

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The Writer’s Thoughts: Faith, Asking Questions, and Our Limited Minds

Most of this post is just my own thoughts. Read on and don’t be afraid to agree or disagree or note any flaws. I am, after all, just a young writer.

As mortal beings, do we have limited minds? Are we unable to understand everything, though we try? Perhaps we were created with a limited amount of knowledge, but we are never happy with it; we want to know more. Whether this might be true or not, we are instilled with a passion, a love to learn, to gain knowledge, to understand. Everything. But maybe we can go only so far. Life is full of mystery. We have much more to learn, but there is a limit. For example, does the universe have bounds or does it go on forever? There’s no way of knowing … yet. And maybe we’ll never know. There’s some people who hate not being able to understand everything. And then there are people who like the mystery and the questions so they can come up with their own theories.

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