Tag You’re It: The Infinity of Dreams Award and 11 Questions Answered

A while ago I was tagged by a blogger who I like never mention at all: the brilliant, word-savvy friend and co-writer Hannah Heath (thank you Hannah) with her tag called the “Infinity of Dreams Award.” Whoo! If that title doesn’t sound ambitious, I don’t know what does. I suggest you hop on over and check out her blog. Even if you’re not a writer, those of you who like a good sense of humor and a load of nerd references would really enjoy those posts. Plus, she recently published her debut short story Skies of Dripping Gold, which is a must-read for everyone.

Now then, on to answer those 11 questions and tag other bloggers below. (Why is it always 11 questions? Just a wandering thought.)


1) Favorite fictional weapon/magical power? It’s called a “flambard” in the Norse language, and it’s basically a sword with a blade in a wavy flame shape (see picture below). My favorite magical power is fire. A character in my story uses this sword and fire together and it makes for a cool weapon.

Flambard (fire sword)

2) Who is your favorite character to write and why? One of them reminds me of Vader, Snape, and Loki, so of course he’s one of my favorites. Seemingly cold and heartless, he is a mysterious character, and his past is revealed bit by bit throughout the book and it’s up to the reader to decide who he really is and where his loyalties lie … until the end.

3) How do you want your writing to impact your readers? I have several morals/themes, but there is one that stands out the most: Faith matters and if your Faith is strong enough, no one and nothing can influence you otherwise. This is a recurring theme throughout my WIP novel.

4) If you got a hold of the Millennium Falcon had the chance to fly to any sci-fi planet ever imagined, where would you go? Okay, I just imagined it: It’s a planet, a port of commerce where all fandoms come together. On a normal day, you step into an elevator with Jack Sparrow, Sherlock, Loki, Vader, Sam Gamgee, Zaphod, and the Doctor.

5) What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to grammar and punctuation? “There” when it’s “their” or “their” when it’s “there.” Some people just can’t get it down and it’s so irritating.

6) Favorite type of chip? Supposing you like chips. Costco corn tortilla chips!

7) Do you have any writing quirks you’d like to tell us about? Even better, do you have any writing quirks that you’d prefer to keep to yourself? 1) My thoughts float in the most unorganized fashion. I seriously need a Pensieve.  2) While I’m writing, I picture each moment as a movie shot: how the camera is angled, where the shot cuts to, etc. As if I’m watching my own book as a movie. It’s incredibly helpful, particularly for dialogue and description. This is why screenwriting and storyboarding sound like an awesome job.

8) Currently, what is your favorite book quote? DON’T PANIC.

9) If you had a Patronus, what would it be? A squirrel. We even share similar personality characteristics. But then, a Phoenix sounds really cool …

10) Favorite nonspeaking/speech-impeded fictional character (Toothless, Chewy, Groot, etc)? Toothless. If I could pick three, it would be R2D2 and Wilson. Yes, as in the volleyball.

11) Favorite hobbies that don’t involve reading or writing? Piano, photography, and surfing.


And that’s it folks! For those of you tagged below, scroll down to see your nomination questions. No Participation Pressure.

Benita J. Prins @ Benita J. Prins

Azelyn Klein @ Word Storm

Tamara Reuveni @  Tamara Reuveni

And my nominee questions …

1) Your book has been published and you are asked for permission to make it into a feature film. You say yes. Which actor/actress would you pick for your main character?

2) Dream job? No matter how ambitious?

3) If you had a superpower what would it be?

4) Who is your favorite character to write and why?

5) What kind of music do you enjoy listening to while writing? If it helps you write, how?

6) Currently, your favorite book quote?

7) If you were allowed to meet just one fictional character, who would you pick?

8) How would you like your writing to impact your readers?

9) Your arch enemy? (Doesn’t have to be a person.)

10) Tea or coffee?

11) If you could travel to just one destination in all of your favorite fandoms/books/movies, where would you go?


4 responses to “Tag You’re It: The Infinity of Dreams Award and 11 Questions Answered”

  1. Love the questions and answers, especially #3! Everyone has faith in something, but faith in Christ alone will always get us through! So thankful for your faith in Him! 🙂


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