Constant Collectible: An Awesome Geek Site is On the Rise

Once upon a time, there was a person.Constant Collectible An Awesome Geek Site is on the Rise This person was named Simon. He loved the comics, movies, books, and Batman. He also had a mission: to bring the news of geek culture to you. He started a web site called Constant Collectible and posted mostly on updates and little bits of news from Nerd-dom. But he wanted more posts and more helpers; Simon decided to get realistic about the game “Simon Says.” But he could not play without other players.

So he went on a search to find some Contributing Comrades.


First up, we have Johnny, our DC/Marvel Comics expert. “Expert” … a little understated. He is currently posting on Constant Collectible with updates on the big event, the 2016 C2E2 in Chicago with YouTube videos and live feed podcasts about what’s going on over there. It’s pretty awesome, so head on over to the site to view those.

Second is Hannah Heath (yes, the Hannah Heath), our Bookworm, posting nerdy book reviews once every other Sunday. These posts, called Hannah’s Novel Notions, are particularly on books that will soon be adapted for film or have movies recently released based on the book. For book reviews chock full of good writer humor and nerd references (and a huge list of future reads), go check out her Constant Collectible posts.

Third is Goody! He is the site’s Star Wars enthusiast. He posts on everything Star Wars, such as Star Wars book reviews ( Goody’s Publication Audit), what to expect with later Star Wars movies, and other Star Wars misc info posts. Did I mention he really likes Star Wars? One of my favorites is “Goody’s Guide to the Lightsaber,” which is definitely worth the read.

And then there’s me. I’m the site’s Music Addict. I know that sounds really helpful, but that’s what I post about: Movie music, specifically film scores. I just started contributing in November, with a post on every first Friday of the month. They’re called “Susannah’s Film Facts,” , the next post being an introduction to Marvel’s film score composers. It’s been really fun and I also am learning a lot doing these posts.


Constant Collectible is gaining tons of readership and there are many new things in store to get excited about! Meanwhile, this site has been very helpful to me just for the geek news, who’s playing in what next movie, the next book to add to my every-growing list, information on Star Wars and DC comics, and everything else in between. There are tons of categories which contain everything geek-ish that you can imagine from Artist Alley to TV Time. That’s what the Collective does, is constantly collecting. Check them out at the popular aviary where people learn bird communication (also called Twitter if you want to be boring), Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus and don’t forget to follow for updates on each and every post!

So head on over there and check it out. I guarantee you’ll stick around a little longer than you expected. What are your favorite geek sites? Or are you searching for places with nerd news? Constant Collectible is the blog you’re looking for. And — hey wait! Fine. I’ll get better at these mind tricks, just wait and see.

2 responses to “Constant Collectible: An Awesome Geek Site is On the Rise”

  1. What a fun site! I loved seeing your beautiful face on the Home page! I was disappointed when I clicked on the link for everything about birds…..and it was twitter, just like you said! Ha, ha! I know everyone will love your contributions! 🙂


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