World War II Controversies: Stalin was “Worse” than Hitler?

A couple of weeks ago I started a series of posts on World War II and its controversies discussed in the book World War II: The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today by Richard Maybury. In this post I’m picking up where I left off: Both sides, the Allies and the Axis, were pretty bad, and no side was completely wicked or totally righteous. This goes against propaganda in the U.S. We like to think that we were on the right side, fighting for what’s right.

We had to choose a side to be part of the war. So we chose the Allies. But this could have been just as bad a choice as joining the Axis.

World War II Controversies Stalin Was Worse Than Hitler Tea with Tumnus

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10 Ways to Get Writing Inspiration

We writers. We all get those days when we begin to wonder if our mind has left us. Devoid of ideas and suffering from lack of motivation, we sit around, staring at a blank piece of paper or an empty Word document. We search for our characters, hoping they haven’t ditched us yet. We begin to wonder if we’ve myth-busted Writer’s Block.

And then BOOM, something hits us and we begin fumbling madly with our pencil, shrieking with excitement, starting a typing craze. This symptom is commonly known as “inspiration,” and it arrives from various different sources, all of which have proven successful for many writers to keep on writing, to keep doing what they must get done.

Here is a list I have put together of ten different types of inspiration that I know have helped me. Depending on my mood or situation, some work better than others, but most of the time, I welcome anything to get my mind spinning again.

10 Ways to Get Writing Inspiration  Tea with Tumnus

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World War II Controversies: The Other Side of the Story

FDR tried to get us into the war by literally inviting Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor.

Stalin is worse than Hitler.

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Prophecy: A Harry Potter Poem {and a Discussion on J. K. Rowling}

One of my favorite things about Harry Potter is the complexity of the story. J. K. Rowling manages to write only 8 books focusing on an incredibly intricate plot without going crazy. Or maybe she did go crazy, a mental situation most writers tend to fall subject to, but she certainly didn’t lose her head enough to give up, and that’s only one of the many things I admire J. K. Rowling for.

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