World War II Controversies: Stalin was “Worse” than Hitler?

A couple of weeks ago I started a series of posts on World War II and its controversies discussed in the book World War II: The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today by Richard Maybury. In this post I’m picking up where I left off: Both sides, the Allies and the Axis, were pretty bad, and no side was completely wicked or totally righteous. This goes against propaganda in the U.S. We like to think that we were on the right side, fighting for what’s right.

We had to choose a side to be part of the war. So we chose the Allies. But this could have been just as bad a choice as joining the Axis.

World War II Controversies Stalin Was Worse Than Hitler Tea with Tumnus

Maybury says that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews. Okay, we know that. The Holocaust is no light subject, and is racism at its extreme. Hitler was not all there in the head; he was morally twisted and dangerously crazy. So were his followers. Or, well, those who liked following him. Most of them were forced.

The Nazis killed 6 million Jews, 75% of the European Jewish population. Totalled, including those Jews, the Nazis killed 20.9 million people. An average of 12,000 people a day.

Once those statistics have settled in your head, you can now grasp this: 6 million Jews were killed, but the Nazis also killed people who weren’t Jews: soldiers, civilians, women, children, the old, the weak. Those people alone, not counting the Jews, added up to 14.9 million. So why do we only hear about the Jews and express shock over just the Jews’ body count? Maybury explains that the reason why the 6 million Jews get all the publicity is because it is regarded as justification for Jews to keep Israel in the Middle East, to receive billions of dollars and individual donors from the USG (United States Government).

So not counting the Jews, Hitler was pretty bad, killing 14.9 million people. But when you add the terror of his racism towards the Jews and the atrocities his Nazis committed within the concentration camps? Guys, we have a Joker on our hands: a racist one, at that. Yes, Hitler, his Nazis, his followers, and the Axis were horrible people, and Hitler is the worst person ever to be seen on the face of the Earth, according to the body count of people dead. Hitler is trying to take over the world. This is what Americans believe, and that is the main reason why we sided with the side against Hitler: The Allies. The “good” side.

The side Stalin was on.

Oh, so what about the body count of Stalin’s U.S.S.R.? Surely it’s not as high as Hitler’s, I mean, we sided against Hitler because he wants to take over the world and has killed 14.9 million.

The number of people killed by Stalin: 42.7 million.

Awkward silence.

(As I resist the temptation to insert a movie reference after that coincidental digit.)

We, America, sided with a worse murderer than Hitler! This is freedom against tyranny? This is saving the world? Here’s a quote from the book: “[Stalin was] twice the demon that Hitler was, if we are still measuring evil by body count. Stalin murdered 42.7 million.” Just to let it sink in.

As if that’s not enough, Maybury points something else out right away: When FDR announced that America was joining the Allies in World War II, Hitler was still new at his genocide. Stalin? His murders were much better known at the time than Hitler’s crimes. To give you an example of how brutal a man Stalin was, he used to be a former bank robber. He issued Order #270 that commanded all Soviet troops taken prisoner by the enemy would be considered traitors and would be shot while their wives were forced to stay in labor camps. Why? To make sure everyone in his army, Stalin’s army, fought to the death.

So yeah, great choice made, FDR. Oh, by the way, the Swiss look like happy people. Neutral. Why? Because of the Allies. The Germans would have invaded if it weren’t for the Allies giving their lives to protect them. They chose the only ethical option, but let the war play out, hoping Hitler didn’t win and take over Switzerland. If the U. S. stayed neutral, I wonder if Hitler would have won? Taken over the world?

Not if Stalin got there first.


Right, so why did FDR back up Stalin? Maybury guesses the reason is because Stalin was socialist, and FDR had “strong socialist leanings.”  Maybury also points out that he has never seen any evidence to support the assumption that Hitler wanted to take over the whole world. Which I’m having a hard time agreeing with, as my very objective and seemingly unbiased history textbook is saying otherwise. As far as Hitler’s intentions go, he wanted to control more or all of Europe, which is about 6.6% of the Earth’s surface. Fascists had propaganda of taking over the world, but no plans did Maybury see.

Here are some statistics from the book:

Hitler’s land conquered: 4% of the world. U.S.S.R.’s land conquered: 16%.

London’s land conquered: 22%.

Maybury then asks the question: “Who do you think is a greater threat to America, the Allies or the Axis?” He then claims that indeed, every educated person knew that the Kremlin, having already conquered 4 times the amount Hitler ever would control, intended to take over the entire world. And that’s not talking about the amount of murders Stalin committed. Again, his body count is 42.7 million.

Total murdered by Axis: 26,910,000.

Total murdered by Allies: 52,886,000.

Stalin really helped up our number.

I wonder if the people in Japan with those atomic bombs are counted in with that number (50,000 people dead from the bomb on Hiroshima alone)? Wait, who dropped the atomic bombs? Only the most horrible, bloodthirsty country could do something that horrible.

Lovely Lady Liberty! The land of the free and the home of the brave! *sigh* May God shed His Grace on thee.

And I’ll get to London in a later post.


All that to say, there really are no “good guys” except for the Swiss, who we knew stayed neutral. R. J. Rummel, in his book Death by Government, wrote that when the Kremlin finally collapsed, the number of people killed by Stalin was 61.9 million. Maybury guesses this was because of central planning, which is when government “experts” under socialism make a plan for the production of goods and services and for everything people do. Everyone had to live their life the way the government wanted them to, and Stalin and Hitler killed the people who didn’t obey; it was easier to invest in bullets than building a ton of jail cells. Not only that, but Maybury says that the Kremlin’s victory in World War II led to the nuclear arms race and that it is estimated the number of atomic bombs they have pointed at the U.S. are in the thousands.

Life is precious, but the ones who best hold life dear are the best at throwing it away.


So, after all that, Maybury’s evidence suggests that we sided with the wrong ally. By joining forces with Stalin, we thought we were helping to save the world.

Well, at least Hitler died. Now we have a ton of dead Jewish bodies, a bunch of peace treaties to sign and movements to initiate. Oh, and a Cold War to win.

Who was our enemy in the Cold War? Now think about your answer. Were we ever allied with him? Well, then.


So that’s it for now. Again, this is not all my reasoning. I’m just going through the book and writing a post on what I think based on every few chapters. Meanwhile, please comment with your thoughts. I think it’s important to discuss controversies like this, as the claims Maybury is making totally disagrees with America’s view of World War II, and yet it’s good to think for the other side. Not to accept that it’s true, but to acknowledge that maybe we aren’t perfectly good people here in America, and sometimes we do make the wrong decisions. The evidence? Well how did Trump get so high?


As a side note, before Hitler fought in World War I and became a nationalist with oratory skills, he wanted to be an artist. An artist. If he had the necessary skill and did get accepted into the Vienna Academy for Fine Arts, I wonder how we all would be living like today? Little things like that, just sort of blows your mind. Or bends it.


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  1. Raychel Rose says:

    Brilliant post! Fun fact, (I wrote a book based on this) during 1936-1938 in the Soviet Union Stalin ordered The Great Purge, which “cleansed” the USSR officials and their families, he basically killed 2 million people who he thought weren’t really on his side. Also he deleted and altered several photos, he literally erased the people he killed from ever existing! It’s a major history event, but it’s sad because no one really knows about it. Thanks for pointing out things, can’t wait to get into this book you’re reading, it sounds fascinating!


    1. Wow, I had no idea Stalin did that! In a way, that’s nearly just as bad as the Holocaust, I can’t believe this isn’t a widely known fact. That just goes to confirm what a brute he was in comparison to Hitler. I think you would really like Maybury’s book, there’s lots of interesting points to mull over. But I wonder why The Great Purge wasn’t mentioned! It would totally support his claims. Thanks for the interesting info! I think it’s so cool you actually wrote a book on it too 😀 is it published?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Raychel Rose says:

        I think maybe because The Great Purge wasn’t during World War II? But thanks!


  2. Michael Jr. says:

    good post. I can see how the Americans might have been a little bit biased to the Soviets. Yet it seems like your main argument is: “The Allies are also bad guys, fighting for a wrong cause–BECAUSE Stalin was on their side”. Okay…but does Stalin joining our side automatically make us bad guys, too? because, the Soviets were originally on Hitler’s side, until Hitler attacked them. So they fought against Hitler, and in doing so automatically became associated with the Allies. And, America joined the war not because they liked the soviets, and wanted to help them; they joined the war because there was an evil tyrannt (hitler) who had every intention of world domination, who was also threatening their friend, Britain. Yes, of course by joining the Allies, they were fighting alongside the Soviets. But it doesn’t mean that they were all for Stalin and liked Stalin and thought his genocide was great and all. it’s the REASON america joined World War II that counts, not what FDR originally thought of Stalin. 3rd, did Stalin have intentions of taking over the world? It just seemed to me like he was trying to strengthen his own country. Hitler, on the other hand, had all intentions of taking over Europe, and the world (and for a while there, was succeeding, until America came in). But you say that Europe was only 6.6 percent of world mass. Yes, most of the land mass in the world, though, is largely underpopulated, and Europe was very condensed. Also, ever known any evil tyrannt who was content with only a small kingdom and who didn’t try to take more and more until he had it all? My point is, if Hitler had taken over Europe, he would have certainly kept at it, and next time at China, Japan, America, etc. He wouldn’t have stopped his conquest.

    so to sum up; the main thing is: It seemed like America joined the war because they were trying to stop world domination of a racist dictator. Body count can be discarded for now: Hitler was trying to take over the world. Stalin was keeping himself to his own country. Yes, Stalin might have been worse than Hitler. But the real threat was Hitler in World War II, to the world. So America joined to stop hitler. Just because someone just as cruel as Hitler was fighting to stop hitler doesn’t mean that it was for a bad cause.

    A murdurer could fight against drug abuse. Is it for a bad cause because the person fighting against it is a murdurer? Is fighting against Hitler a bad cause compared to the fact that we’re fighting with Stalin. (not of our own accord?)

    anyways, just some thoughts.

    good post though. interesting stuff.


    1. Thanks for the long comment!

      Actually, we did fight along with the Soviets. REmember, FDR talked with Stalin and did stuff with him during WWII. FDR led our place in America, and he’s friends with Stalin, so we officially joined up with them.

      Also, according to Maybury, there’s tons of evidence Stalin wanted to take over the world, but I’m not sure about what he says about Hitler NOT (er, I’m thinking there’s nothing wrong with a ruler wanting to take control of the world, EVERYONE thinks its awesome, if they are, of course, the ruler).

      America joined to stop Hitler, yes, that what we’ll say. We actually believed Hitler was going to take over the world and kill everyone who wasn’t of the Aryan race. But Stalin was a bloody murderer and I think it’s very legit to believe that he also wanted to take over the world.

      But we can’t see into the minds of these people; I’m not quite sure what to think!


      1. Michael Jr. says:

        Ah, I see, them being friends with Stalin, and Stalin WAS actually trying to take over the world, possibly, but…that still doesn’t mean that the American’s weren’t right in their cause…right? They still did join to defend Britain and the world from Hitler…and they couldn’t fight both Stalin and Hitler? idk

        Anyways, yeah, I agree FDR wasn’t all that great in that he indulged in Stalin possibly because of similar socialist views.

        And also so did Britain. But it still doesn’t seem to support the fact that the Allies were the bad guys. Of course, the Soviets were…but the Americans? The British? Ya, maybe they fought alongside a murderer, endorsed a murderer. But it was for the goal of ridding the world of Hitler, mainly.
        So I can see why they could be considered bad guys. But the MAIN bad guy, far worse than America and Britain, was Hitler. In that why, it still seems like the Allies were largely on the ‘light’ side, regardless of the stain of soviets.


      2. Now you’re talking! Yes, Hitler was a very bad person. Um, common knowledge. As for whether the United States or Britain are “good” or “bad?” Just wait for the next WWII Controversies post in which I hope to deal with just that … we’ll see how far into the book I’ll want to go in the third post.


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