Fear the BB-8: A Tea with Tumnus Comic Production

Welcome to the first fandom mash-up comic series, Tea with Tumnus Comic Productions. In other words, my camera and I have put together a little comic strip and I thought it would be an entertaining post for you readers.

I’ve never done something like this before, but it’s been a lot of fun to put together and I hope to make it an ongoing series with the same story. Now, you can say I’m “cheating,” since these comic panels are edited pictures, but hey, it’s my photography. Legomen and crochet creations courtesy of my siblings.

Ladies and gents, Smmetzler Comic Productions is proud to present …

Fear the BB-8

{Part 1: Watch Your Back}

Enjoy, guys.

Comic #1
Panel 1
Comic #2
Panel 2

Comic #3


Comic #4
Panel 4
comic #5
Panel 5
comic #6
Panel 6

Images Copyright Susannah Metzler ©2016 

So, there you are. Short and sweet. What do you think? Should I continue posting more of the story? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Stay tuned…

Your-Own-Star Wars-Title. Because I can.

6 thoughts on “Fear the BB-8: A Tea with Tumnus Comic Production

  1. That was pretty funny 😀 You should certainly post more.
    And I love it when people come up with creative ways to utilize their toys. See! Story telling with toys can be an adult past time. 😉


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