Tunisian Crochet Pattern for Harry’s Gryffindor Scarf

This is actually the first crochet pattern I’m putting up on Tea with Tumnus. I’ve never been a passionate crocheter, as it is something that takes up time where I could be doing something more “productive” (like writing), but when it comes to crochet projects that have to do with fandoms? Why not?

I found a pattern for a tunisian crocheted Gryffindor Scarf on a personal blog, which has since moved to a site called Lifted Geek, and inspired this pattern on Tea with Tumnus. It was a little hard to follow and didn’t have as many pictures as I would have preferred, so here’s a slightly altered version for tunisian crochet beginners.

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Book Review: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover

For years, I have been a huge Star Wars fan. Our family started watching all six movies when I was twelve, and before the year was over, I had seen each movie at least three times. And I continue to count up. We started the movies with the original trilogy before starting with the Prequels, which is, unless you’re a chronology freak, the only way to watch Star Wars.

I’ve heard a lot of negatives about the Prequels. I was at a young enough age when I saw all six movies together, that I didn’t know that a lot of people hated it. I had just seen each of the Prequels as just another great Star Wars movie, like the little kid I was. And I still think they’re great movies, despite rants from the majority audience. (You can read my post on Potential in the Prequels here.)

Here’s my defense for the Prequels in a nutshell: Revenge of the Sith.

Just Revenge of the Sith.

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The Fantastic Dialog Tag: 5 Pieces of Dialog from Netherworld

I have been tagged yet again. Which means? I get to share some of my actual writing from my WIP with you all! To begin with, thanks to Nate Philbrick, who started this tag. Go follow him if you want to see some real sarcasm. And thanks to Hannah Heath, who tagged me to write this! I’m sure I’ve told you to do it before, but go follow her too if you’re looking for some great writing advice.

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Tea with Tumnus 1 Year Blog Anniversary and Updates

Keeping up a blog is a challenge. It just puts one more thing on your schedule. You have to post often, reply to comments, interact with other bloggers, and get your name out there if you’re trying to set up a platform (like me). For one whole year I’ve barely made it to cranking out a post every Tuesday (except for the Michael’s Movie Mentions contributions); don’t get me wrong: I love writing posts and blogging. It’s just a lot to keep up.

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