Tea with Tumnus 1 Year Blog Anniversary and Updates

Keeping up a blog is a challenge. It just puts one more thing on your schedule. You have to post often, reply to comments, interact with other bloggers, and get your name out there if you’re trying to set up a platform (like me). For one whole year I’ve barely made it to cranking out a post every Tuesday (except for the Michael’s Movie Mentions contributions); don’t get me wrong: I love writing posts and blogging. It’s just a lot to keep up.

Tea with Tumnus 1 Year Blog Anniversary (and Updates)So I’d like to start this post by thanking certain people who have helped me with my blogging and writing journey and giving their time to personally help me get better at it: My parents, for critiquing each post, my brother Michael for his “Michael’s Movie Mentions” Contributions, Hannah Heath, who has been an excellent example and source of advice, Writer Alina and Grandmom, for your kind and thoughtful comments, and my followers, visiters, and commenters. Yes, you! If I didn’t have you online folks, Tea with Tumnus simply wouldn’t be!

Now for those updates. I finally have an actual picture of myself up. Yes, it’ll take a while for me to get used to seeing my picture on the internet, but hey, at least you don’t feel like you’re talking to an animated dragon. (Sorry, Toothless, no offense. Everyone loves your smile.)

Also, I have a Twitter now.  Whether I figure out how to this intimidating social media site or not is up to the Fates. Let’s just say: I know Twitter works for what I’m trying to do, newbie at it or not. I’m still going to make fun of the words ‘twitter’ and ‘tweet’ throughout my Twitter journey, so follow me … if you dare. *strange bird noise* Whoops.

I now have a beautiful header image on my blog. How did I get the words on there? I just picmonkeyed a picture I took and put the text “Tea with Tumnus” on the side. Just a little trick for free customization for WordPress.com users. I’m overly satisfied. As a side note, I want some feedback from my readers: what would you like to see changed about the overall appearance of the blog theme? You are the ones who read it, so I want to make it as comfortable to read as possible. Just comment below and let me know. No hesitations!

As I’ve mentioned before, my brother has written several posts for Tea with Tumnus. In the future, you will see one or two guest posts by my sister Renee. She’s a very crafty person, ultimate Potterhead, and will post on how to create Harry Potter jewelry and crochet items.

I have also rewritten my About page. It now gives a better sense for what my goal is in blogging and writing so please consider reading it. Don’t worry; my mainstream posts won’t change. Tea with Tumnus remains forever a haven for writers and geeks alike. This is what I believe makes it unique.

I’m blessed for everyone’s help and I look forward to yet another year. Somehow I’ll make it. And maybe I’ll even publish something. Who knows?

3 thoughts on “Tea with Tumnus 1 Year Blog Anniversary and Updates

  1. Love your photo on your Twitter account! I don’t know anything about Twitter, though!:) Congratulations on your Tea with Tumnus anniversary! We love you and miss you so!!!


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