The Fantastic Dialog Tag: 5 Pieces of Dialog from Netherworld

I have been tagged yet again. Which means? I get to share some of my actual writing from my WIP with you all! To begin with, thanks to Nate Philbrick, who started this tag. Go follow him if you want to see some real sarcasm. And thanks to Hannah Heath, who tagged me to write this! I’m sure I’ve told you to do it before, but go follow her too if you’re looking for some great writing advice.

The Fantastic Dialog Tag- 5 Pieces of Dialog from Netherworld - Tea with Tumnus

How this tag works: I post five pieces of dialogue from my WIP and then tag other writers to do the same. My WIP is Netherworld, the first in a high fantasy series. I’ve been working on it for three years and have rewritten it three times. Most of the dialog below is from scenes in my last draft that I haven’t yet rewritten, but that I want to keep.



“Look at what you have got yourself tangled up in. What a mess. A brief visit has turned into a obligation to save the whole world. What will you do?”

“Those who dwell on the past live in the past, and therefore are kept in the dark.”

“I do not deal with shortcuts. They are not reliable.”

“Bravery is not strong with him, my Liege, yet he is honest and polite. Only he asks questions, many questions.”

“You are a legend and a coward. You are the one Netherworld has long sought for, yet you cannot stand up to your duty. They rejoice because you are finally here, and yet you plan to sneak away like a child who doesn’t care to stand up for what’s right. The coward you are, Meo, the coward you are.”


So, there you are. Five pieces of dialog from Netherworld. All five, I believe, were coincidentally picked as they represent the overall mood and style of the story, and I’m wondering if I should use the first piece of dialog as a back blurb … what do you think? I would love your ideas and thoughts; I ask for and welcome any critique!

Now I’m going to tag people.

Raychel Rose

Benita J. Prins


Even if you’re not tagged, go ahead and do this yourself! This is a fun exercise to get some of your best dialog polished up and share it with other readers and writers so they can get a feel for your style of writing. I’d love reading your favorite pieces of dialog from your WIP.

9 thoughts on “The Fantastic Dialog Tag: 5 Pieces of Dialog from Netherworld

  1. ermegarsh I got tagged. Thank you so much!
    I really love “I do not deal with shortcuts. They are not reliable.” It’s making my brain tick like a writing prompt 😉


  2. These are great quotes! Makes me want to read more of your work. I feel that each quote gives a nice sense of character and I’m especially interested in whoever this coward is. He sounds like an interesting paradox.

    Thanks for sharing!


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