A Movie Review of Star Trek: Beyond

Directed by Justin Lin and produced by J. J. Abrams, starring Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, John Cho and others, Star Trek Beyond is nothing short of a high-action, fast paced and suspenseful film with aliens, starships, and new worlds. This movie moved on from where we left off in Star Trek Into Darkness and throws obstacles such as gazillions of ship swarms and a dangerous nebula in the way of the crew on board the USS Enterprise.

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Our World, Other Worlds, and the Geocentric Theory

Today I will, once again, deviate from my usual genre of posts in the writing and geek categories. But perhaps this is a post for writers, because the only reason why I began to think about such things as our world, other worlds, and the Geocentric Theory is because I am, after all, a writer of speculative fiction. I also enjoy discussing controversy, as you may have noticed in my earlier history posts.

But here’s something interesting. If you write fantasy or sci-fi, you most likely write about different worlds besides Earth. These sorts of stories go into the “fiction” category because these things never happened and never can happen. Wait, who says they can’t happen? Our World, Other Worlds, and the Geocentric Theory - Tea with TumnusRead More »

Why Writer’s Block is the Writer’s Excuse (And How to Fight It)

It’s time to write. You sit down at your desk and take out your notebook or open your laptop, and you pick up your pencil or put your fingers on the keyboard. You’re ready to start where you left off; the show must go on.

But you can’t. Your fingers stretch in frustration and you begin wondering if you had enough coffee that morning. You brainstorm about your next scene; you think about it and glean ideas for it until your brain is numb.

You just can’t write.


Why Writer's Block is the Writer's Excuse {And how to Fight It} - Tea with Tumnus

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Movie Review: Megamind

I love cliche-breakers. When someone decides to write a book or make a movie that’s unique and different, I get excited. Why? Because sometimes stories repeat each other. The ending, the beginning, the plot, the chosen one, the love triangle? Oh yeah, we’ve seen this before. What about the hero vs. the villain, from beginning to end? Yup. What about a villain winning over the hero? We call that a tragedy: old stuff. What about a hero destroying the villain and saving the day? Too often.

What about a villain who constantly needs a hero to fight and so he creates one, who becomes corrupt, and so the villain needs to save the city and in turn becomes the hero? Nope, never thought of it … ooh, we’ve got one over here!

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