3 Poems About Books

This Tuesday, I decided to do something fun and different. I haven’t shared too much of my own writing on my blog yet, so I decided to share a few poems I wrote recently. I’m fairly good at writing poetry, but I guess my novel has demanded much more of my time and attention and kept me away from daydreaming about rhyming words and prose. So I feel a little obstinate towards my novel today in posting nothing but poetry!

3 Poems About Books - Tea with Tumnus

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The Six Question Character Challenge: A Sneak Peak at Netherworld’s Characters

A little while ago, I was tagged by Jeneca, over at the blog Jeneca Writes, with the Six Question Character Challenge. I gladly welcomed the excuse to obsess over my people from my WIP novel, so many thanks to Jeneca. (Go follow her blog, by the way. You know you want to and for good reason.)

The Six-Question Character Challenge A Sneak Peak at Characters from Netherworld - Tea with Tumnus
Background picture via @nicholasbruno Instagram

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Fear the BB-8: A Tea with Tumnus Comic Production (Part 2: Frodo Joins the Crew)

Several posts of Fear the BB-8 issues could become a complicated series. To read this continuous comic stroy from the beginning, check out the first issue here to chronologically understand the adventure:

Fear the BB-8: A Tea with Tumnus Production (Part 1: Watch Your Back)

Fear the BB-8 Part 2 - Tea with Tumnus

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Book Review of Ashes by Grace Crandall

I haven’t read too many indie published stories, but since I plan on indie publishing one of these days, I decided to read some by a few of my favorite blogging writers.

A Book Review of ASHES by Grace Crandall - Tea with Tumnus

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Advice and Encouragement from Your Favorite Characters

Sometimes writer’s block seems to be getting the best of you and you feel like you need to actually hit your head on an actual block. But never fear! Encouragement is not far … just read a little further down. Sometimes it can be even more motivating coming from your favorite characters than from yourself …

Advice and Encouragement from Your Favorite Characters - Tea with Tumnus

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