Advice and Encouragement from Your Favorite Characters

Sometimes writer’s block seems to be getting the best of you and you feel like you need to actually hit your head on an actual block. But never fear! Encouragement is not far … just read a little further down. Sometimes it can be even more motivating coming from your favorite characters than from yourself …

Advice and Encouragement from Your Favorite Characters - Tea with Tumnus

Before we begin, a note on GIFs. I used to think they were annoying. Terribly annoying. I would not read a blog post, no matter how good it looked, if there was a GIF or two. Admit it; they’re distracting, particuarly when you’re trying to read the dang words above and below them! Over time, I’ve learned to deal with them and began scrolling wherever necessary to hide the moving images and focus on the actual post. Now, I love GIFs. Sometimes they’re the best way to get something across in a quick and silent way without having to try to find the right words, particularly for visual people … It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of GIFs. Now, to use them in profusion … Writerly Advice from some favorite characters:


If you do, you’ll regret it.


You’re lucky; it’s Sherlock Holmes.


You’d be surprised.

doctor who encouragement

Closer than you think.


Make wise use of your time and your goals will be close.


It’s a superpower that’ll see you through.


You know you can do better.


Eh … as a last resort, I suppose.


Seeing Darth Vader dancing is probably the best thing that could make anyone’s day.

So there you have it. GIF writerly motivation! Which one is your favorite or the most helpful? What favorite character of yours I haven’t put up has motivated you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

5 responses to “Advice and Encouragement from Your Favorite Characters”

  1. Just seeing 11’s face is extremely encouraging 😀 ahh all of these are awesome–and they sort of indirectly reminded me why I write. Perhaps someday our characters will encourage people the way these ones encourage us 🙂


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