Writing Medieval Fantasy with Celtic Music (Playlist Included)

Medieval fantasy is my overall favorite genre. It incorporates a fantasy setting and a ficticious version of history from such time periods. Examples include Lord of the Rings, Ranger’s Apprentice, The Chronicles of Narnia, Robin Hood, The Name of the Wind, The Chronicles of Prydain, the Inheritance Cycle, etc. Pretty much anything that has to do with castles, dragons, rangers, epic battles and journeys on horseback. Stereotypically speaking, there are usually heroic persons in mysterious hoods, capes, and/or cloaks, ancient British Isles settings, a sad lack of technology with an abundance of magical superpowers and prehistoic weapons, you get the picture.


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Book Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I have a beautiful story to tell you about. If you have not yet had the chance to read it, however, this review contains spoilers. Be forewarned and continue reading at your own risk. 

This innkeeper’s name is Kote. No one else knows, but Kote is really Kvothe, among many other titles that were awarded him for his heroics, and he deserves each and every of those names. No one knows, in fact, until a scribe shows up at Kvothe’s inn and prompts the innkeeper to tell him the real story from the hero’s own lips. The true story of how Kvothe studied magic, killed dragons, chased demons, played music that made others cry, saved a whole village, and survived poverty as an orphan whose parents were killed by the Chandrian … and revenge against the Chandrian is Kvothe’s most important motive.


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Writing Tips for NaNoWriMo

*sings* It’s the most craziest tiiiiime— of the year.

You say it’s too early to be singing parodies of Christmas songs, but the Santa Claus decor has been out for a while. I’ll sing all I want.

Writing Tips for NaNoWriMo - Tea with Tumnus

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Tag You’re It: The Writerly Q&A Tag

Last week I was tagged by Luke Hartman, (a great writer and blogger of brilliant writing tips) for the Q&A Tag. I’m always happy to get questions thrown at me, particularly questions that have to do with my writing and fandoms … thus this post. Perhaps it’s the little kid in me who always loved making up and filling out little surveys with my younger siblings that gets me pumped for these tag questions.


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