Ambience Sounds for Writing Fantasy + Playlists

If you’ve been following my blog for a good while, you may have noticed that I like to talk a lot about listening to film scores while writing and how the emotions composed specifically for movie scenes could also be used while writing similar scenes in your story. Up until a few days ago, however, I had no idea that fantasy ambience/white noise existed, and when I did, I set out to find some of the best background noises that could be used for the appropriate scenes.

Ambience Sound Playlists for Writing Fantasy - Tea with Tumnus

I discovered this magic when a Twitter profile called Fantasy Realm sporting a profile picture of a cute little cartoon wizard followed me. I had no idea what it was, but the words “Here you can listen to you favorite fantasy places” in their Twitter bio translated as “FIND AWESOMENESS HERE” to my mind, so I gave it a try. Turns out, they have a YouTube channel of fantasy ambience/white noise sounds specifically for writing. As a fantasy and sci-fi writer who believes in the magic of film scores to help me write, I fell in love with the fantasy background sounds. (Particularly the medieval inns/taverns, those are just so. cool.) I found a few other YouTube channels with similar white noise videos pretty soon I had some writing playlists set up.

I simply couldn’t wait to try setting my mental environment with the new fantasy ambience videos I found. In fact, the next day, I was taking notes while listening to a podcast and decided to turn on the new YouTube playlist I created while working on the notes. So I listened to some homeschool moms talk about parenting with the sounds of dishes rattling and a crackling fire in a medieval fantasy tavern. It was very amusing.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun and inspiration bombs while on YouTube before. I discovered videos of ambience sounds for medieval fantasy taverns and inns, forests with birds near a village, swamp sounds at night with frog croaks, crickets, and nature sounds, celtic medieval tavern music with background chatter, pirate ship ambience, crackling fireplaces with howling wind, river campfire, rain sounds from indoors, waterfall and bird sounds in a garden atmosphere, medieval fantasy village ambience, Rivendell sounds with waterfall, Elvish song, and birds, environment sounds for Hogwarts library with fire crackling and rain pouring, the Hogwarts train, the Three Broomsticks, a dragon sleeping/snoring, and even an army marching. I also found some Star Wars and sci-fi ambience sounds, such as the Coruscant apartment background, the “Voyager” crew quarters from Star Trek, the USS Enterprise engine hum, and space battle background. Here, check out the three playlists I found.

Fantasy Writing Sounds

Sci-Fi Sounds

Pirate Ship Sounds

Also, some really awesome YouTubers who make pretty cool fantasy and sci-fi white noise backgrounds:

The ASMR Geek

Fantasy Realm

Darkwing Captures

The Guild of Ambience

ASMR Rooms

I’m still discovering channels with fantasy ambience sounds, but I can’t wait to start writing while listening to them. What are some of your favorite white noises to listen to while writing? I would love to check out all the ambience background atmospheres; hey, they’re fun to listen to even while reading or working. Go forth to listen! And write. Cheers!


Twenty One Pilots and Expessing Your Belief Through Art

The song “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots was put on my mental list of “questionable songs that might be good.” Only until recently, it was moved up to my mental list of “Personal Top 21 Songs.”

Okay, maybe not 21, but somewhere around that number. Shortly afterward, Twenty One Pilots became one of my six favorite music artists. Being a music freak who likes so many different types of music, making the top 6 is saying something. But it wasn’t just the music or the genre (if you could use the word “genre” in relevance to this particular band) that I liked about them. It was what they stood for and how their faith and encouragement to others showed in their lyrics and even the style of music. As a writer, this excited me way more than it probably should have. It was all I could talk about (and post on Facebook) for a few days.

Twenty One Pilots & Expressing Belief Through Art - Tea with Tumnus

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