Movie Review – Spiderman: Homecoming (With Spoilers)

I’ve seen some of the older Spiderman movies, and liked them despite their cheesiness. But after watching Homecoming, I realized that out of all the superheros, Spiderman/Peter Parker is not only the most relatable, but also a character I will always admire and learn from.

(Batman’s cool, too. *namaste bow*)

Movie Review Spiderman Homecoming (with spoilers) - Tea with Tumnus

spideyFilm synopsis:

Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear.


Spiderman’s Character, Motives, and Arc

There were so many amazing things about the movie, but I think the one thing that stood out the most to me was the character of Spiderman. He’s been a favorite superhero of mine for some time now, but in this movie, his moral attributes really shone through. His arc was beautiful. In the beginning, Tony Stark tells him to be a friendly neighborhood spiderman. Peter Parker, though not an advocate for self fame and glory, wishes he could do bigger things and take care of larger problems (which is the reason he gets involved with Vulture and his crew).

Indeed, Peter is so bent on stopping Vulture and his crimes, that during his school team’s tournament, he and his friend Ned take the tracker out of his suit so that Peter can follow Vulture and try to keep him from stealing weapons. Later, Spiderman confronts Vulture and his crew members on a ferry, and Stark has to intervene, save the passengers, and admonishes Peter for his recklessness and takes away the suit. “Can’t you just be a friendly neighborhood Spiderman?”

The arc is almost to its peak. Peter protests that he is nothing without the suit, with Stark’s stark reply that he shouldn’t have it, if that’s the case. We see Peter is depending on his suit for his Spiderman powers, and later on in the movie, when he confronts Vulture alone without his suit, the hero is brought down to his lowest and weakest point, left to die. This is when he realizes that he is something without the suit, using his own power and belief in himself to bring himself out of his near-death predicament. Summing up his own strength and willpower, he rises from the ashes (sort of literally) and even after that, chases after his opponent.


Another trait I appreciate about Spiderman’s character is his outlook on violence; I won’t spoil anything, but he does his best not to kill even his worst enemy. Spiderman follows Vulture onto a plane carrying weapons for Marvel. After an open confrontation and a plane crash landing along a beach stretch, Spiderman, beaten and weakened, saves Vulture’s life when Toomes’s suit is caught in an explosion. The shot where Spiderman is seen emerging from the fire and debris with Toomes on his back pretty much killed my feels. It was all I could do to keep from applauding. Here, Peter takes on Vulture without a suit and yet saves his enemy’s life. Can we all take a moment to reflect on how super this hero is?

“Stop it with the ‘instant kill,’ already!”


At the end of the movie, Stark congratulates Peter on a job well done and asks him to officially join the Avengers, even offering him a suit that is better than the one he had before. And yet Peter politely turns down the offer.  “I’d rather stay close to the ground,” he says, “I’d rather be your friendly neighborhood spiderman.” And even as he walks back to the car, he is happy. Before, he might have accepted the offer, fair and square, but after an arc, we see that Spiderman simply wanted to affirm that he had truly risen from the ashes, that he was deemed worthy of possibly becoming Spiderman again.


I also loved his quirky, nerdy, happygolucky personality. Tom Holland rocked Spiderman and I don’t think they could have picked a better actor. (Also, he has the perfect squeaky voice that goes along quite well with his attempts to intimidate his adversaries.) May I also put in a word for both Ned and Michelle? Because they’re both pretty awesome. For the most part (language and content review below).



A Believable and Compelling Villain (thank you, Marvel)


The movie starts out with Adrian Toomes and his salvage crew cleaning up after the Battle of New York, when Tony Stark decides to take over the Department of Damage Control. Enraged that he will no longer have a way to provide for his family, Toomes and some trusty members of the original team decide to keep Chitauri weapons to sell on the black market (and use to shoplift; an activity that eventually gets Spiderman involved). Eight years later, their business is skyrocketing, thanks to being under no radar, and Toomes becomes Vulture. When Spiderman discovers the true identity of Vulture, Toomes becomes aware that they will soon be under Stark’s radar, if he can’t keep Spiderman down. We see Toomes as only a man who, after being screwed by Stark, simply wants to provide for his family and crew by not only selling on the black market, but also trying to reveal the corrupt nature of the Avenger who nearly ruined him, Iron Man. He has no plans to take over the world; his motives are simple ones.

We also meet the villain’s family. We connect with and understand the villain at deeper levels because of this; not in order to downplay Toomes’s actions, but to simply appreciate the realistic character he is as Vulture.


Content: Romance, Violence, and Language

This is just another thing I adore about this movie. The romance was so, so well done. There was absolutely no kissing, and that’s not even a big concern of mine. I actually liked Liz, Peter’s crush. She didn’t come in a whole lot during the movie, but I appreciated her character.

Compared to other Marvel movies, there wasn’t a whole lot of violence or action. Most of it happened towards the end of the movie, and it was entirely necessary for building the suspense, furthering the story, and concluding Spiderman’s arc and motives.

Every Marvel movie has its language. Spiderman: Homecoming had a good amount of swear words, including half of the f word (at the very end). As far as content goes, there really wasn’t much to be concerned about, at least in my perspective. Michelle raises the middle finger at one point.

Overall, I’d say this is a great family movie, though language may still be a problem.



You probably already got a good idea about the plot from the post already, but I must add that it was an incredible story. It was very easy to follow, and the end, complete with after credits, left me on a cliffhanger. No, Uncle Ben didn’t die in the movie; in fact, he wasn’t even there, which is great because I think we got that part down already. Overall, I’m very impressed with the story and am looking forward to its continuation.


The Film Score

Aaaaand it’s Michael Giacchino, once again! His film scores are always amazing. The soundtrack for Spiderman: Homecoming was fantastic, and even if you don’t stay for the end credits, you might want to stay just to hear the music. I’ll admit there were some tears during the end credits because the movie was just so perfect and the music was worthy to accompany it. (Oh, and Captain America appears at the very end of the end credits, so if you haven’t seen it yet [which in that case, why did you read all the spoilers to get here!?!?] you may want to be *cough* patient *cough cough*.)

And that pretty much sums up most of my thoughts on this movie. Characters: Check. Plot: Check. Villain: Check. Pacing: Check. Content: 5/6 of a check. Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Thanks for reading this review. Have a great day, and wear your Spiderman shirts with pride.


10 responses to “Movie Review – Spiderman: Homecoming (With Spoilers)”

  1. Hey (Can I call you S.M or do you go by something else?) finally getting the chance to check out some other blogs and yours rocks! I loved the review, you hit the points of the movie ‘amazingly’ well! And you described my favorite scene (when Peter is stuck) in such depth. That was an iconic scene from the comics and it was soo cool to see it in a movie! Ned was a riot and makes a great “guy in the chair”. I think that whole Michelle-MJ thing was a joke referring to events that happened before the movie came out, but I could be wrong.


    • Hi Marrok! Thanks so much! I’m glad you like my blog and the review. 😀 (You can call me S.M., Susannah, whatever works. :D) I’m stoked to start reading the Spiderman comics, even if it’s just to see that scene again. It was one of my absolute favorite parts from the movie. And yes, gotta love Ned and Michelle. 😀 I never knew the M.J. thing was a joke, haha, but I suppose many people must have speculated Zenaya to play *that* character. 😛 Ah, well, I guess we’ll see in the sequel, right? 😀 Thanks again for reading and for the comment!


      • Sure thing Susannah! Cool, you have to let me know what you think after reading the comic! Yeah it was just a great scene. Yeah we will just have to see what they do in the sequel, can’t wait for that!


  2. I’m so in love with this movie!! I was super excited for it and it totally exceeded my expectations. Tom really does play the role perfectly, (as I know you read in my blog post:P). I also really liked about the film how the romance part of it wasn’t the most important. I loved how it was more about Peter and his own self-discovery journey as Spider-Man and less about Liz and him ending up together. I’ll admit the sucker for romance in me would’ve liked them to at least kiss or have some better closure, but I honestly don’t think it would’ve fit the movie. Let me also just mention the plot twist with us finding out that the father is also the villain. I was so surprised. When he opened the door I was like, shit, I did not see that one coming 😛


    • Yes, same! It definitely exceeded my expectations, I was super excited. I think one of the main things I love about it is that the romance is really toned down; I like how it was simple and sweet, but I agree, it is cool how they focused mainly on the character of Peter Parker and his own struggles. AND OH, THE PLOT TWIST!!!! I still can’t get over the real identity of Vulture. It drives me nuts, but it’s so cool, I guess. 😛
      (I’m sorry you had to repost the comment! I think that’s because I have to approve comments before they appear on my blog.)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Finally had the chance to see the movie tonight! It was so peppered with humor, typical of Marvel, and I really appreciated the character development. But, aside from the major plot twist that had the whole theater gasping, it was fairly predictable. I feel like too much was given away in the trailers (which I have a tendency to watch and re-watch), so I knew most of what would happen before it occurred. My favorite scene right now has to be the chase scene through the neighborhood where Peter’s less than graceful and crashing into EVERYTHING.


    • Yes! I loved that scene and the humor. 😀 I guess things do get pretty predictable when you’ve seen the trailer a lot. I felt the same way but that plot twist was the best and really threw me off. 😛


  4. Honestly Marvel films seem to be getting better. While Spider-Man isn’t quite my favorite, it still blew me away. I loved the villain aND THAT HUGE TWIST I WAS NEVER EXPECTING. I seriously started hyperventilating in the theater and was about as terrified as Peter when it happened. xD I loved Peter and Ned and Peter’s dynamic with May. (Honestly though, I gotta say, I found Michelle a bit annoying as a character.)
    What I REALLY loved though was the theme and Peter’s arc. His lack of thinking about consequence and responsibility–it’s gonna be great to keep watching him grow. I also really loved the climax?? Like, he /saves/ the bad guy? I love twists like that.


    • Aah yes!!! I was pleasantly surprised when watching Spiderman: Homecoming. There was a new, fresh, different vibe about it, and Peter’s character is SOOO GOOD!!! I loved his arc, yes, and I sat there with tears streaming as he carried Vulture out of the flames. He’s a very true hero and a perfect example of a character that we all should aspire to be like. 😀
      That plot twist was awesome because it gave the romance a meaning and a complexity to the antagonist all at the same time. It was a very epic move. 😀

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