Interview with Indie Author K. L.+Pierce

Today, this blog will be blessed with its first ever author interview! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to share with you what K. L.+Pierce has to say about writing, her book, Two Lives, Three Choices, a revision, and future publication.


Writing since the age of six, Kirsten Pierce has always enjoyed coming up with characters and plots that stirred the imagination. Around middle school she began dabbling in poetry, and had some of her work published in her middle school’s literary magazine. During that time she also developed passions for Technology and Biology. While pursuing these as a Computer Science major, Biology minor, at George Fox University, she spends her spare time writing novels. Kirsten has already collaborated with her father on two books. Two Lives Three Choices is her first solo effort.

K. L.+Pierce published Two Lives, Three Choices in July 2016, and this month (September 15, to be exact, so mark your calendars!) her revision of Two Lives, Three Choices will be released!!! If you haven’t read her book yet, never fear; simply get the revision as soon as it comes out and the world will go on just fine. I’m really looking forward to this relaunch of this touching and inspiriting science fiction story!


When two new students arrive at Krysta’s school, she quickly discovers she must:

Choose her friends

Seeing one of the new students sitting alone, Krysta must decide whether she’s willing to risk a friendship she already has for someone she hardly knows. That choice causes Krysta to have visions, revealing that the new arrivals are more than they seem.

Choose her side

The new students, Alec and Dion, are more than rivals. They are bitter enemies involved in the war that Krysta is suddenly thrust in the middle of. Unable to run, she must now choose where her loyalties lie.

Choose whether she’s willing to die for those she loves

Because when a friend is in danger, Krysta knows she can save them. But saving her friend’s life could cost Krysta her own.

Those three choices will define the life Krysta leads…and the one that she leaves behind.

Is not Kirsten an interesting person and is not her synopsis of her book intriguing? If not, you have my permission to leave. All rules and mandatory remarks aside, let’s welcome K. L.+Pierce on board Tea with Tumnus!

S. M.: Hello, Kirsten! I’m so excited to host you in this author interview! To start things off, what was your first inspiration for writing Two Lives, Three Choices?

Kirsten Pierce: Very good question! Well I guess it was a combination of things. I’ve always wanted to write a story that would glorify God in some way. But I also wanted people who weren’t necessarily believers to enjoy the story as well. So that’s what got me started thinking. For some reason, my mind focused on the idea of two siblings being on opposite sides of a war. It all started coming together from there!

How many books do you plan on writing in this series?

At least five. Two Lives, Three Choices is re-launching this Friday. Books two and three
are in various stages of editing. I’m also considering doing a prequel (or midquel? –
there’s time travel involved. Hehehe). Then I have to wrap up the series, but I’m not sure
if I can get that done in one more book. I have so many ideas! XD

When you feel like blaming life on writer’s block, what gets you back on track?

For writers block, I usually take a break. Go outside, work on something else (not writing
related). Just get my mind off the story for a while and let it ruminate in the recesses of
my unconscious. Normally I try to make it so I can spend most of Sundays on writing.
However, if I keep thinking “I’m too tired” for too many Sundays in a row, I say: “You’ve
got to start writing again! You’ve got a story to tell!”

I love that you’re a Computer Science major with a passion for technology. How does this impact your writing, particularly in Two Lives, Three Choices?

Well, I think my passion for technology was what drove me to write a Sci-Fi novel (rather
than Fantasy, which is what I usually read). As for Computer Science, it helps me with
both overall plot structure and with editing. In CS, we’re taught about the importance of
time / space efficiency, which is analogous to making sure your book doesn’t run too
long! Also, I was taught about the importance of producing an “elegant” solution. There
are many ways you can write a computer program, just like there are many ways to write a story. But some ways are better than others. That’s one of the reasons why I’m doing the re-launch. Since I originally published Two Lives, Three Choices, I’ve learned how to write “more elegantly” so to speak. I wanted to see if I could improve the story by re-writing certain scenes I felt were weak, and greatly enjoyed the result. So I decided to
rewrite / tweak other parts of the story to create a stronger novel to serve as the
foundation of the series. As I learn more, I’m sure I’ll find more ways to directly put some CS concepts into my books! I’m very much looking forward to that.

If your book was being made into a movie, which three actors would you choose for Krysta, Alec, and Dion?

If you only knew how long it took to come up with these names….

Krysta: Anna Popwell

Alec: Josh Hutcherson

Dion: Jake Abel

As a self-published indie author, would you ever want to try traditionally publishing a book?

Hmm, I don’t know! I would like the exposure that comes from going with traditional
publishing. But I also love the flexibility that goes with being an indie author. It’s a
dilemma. I would definitely consider it, at least!

What have you seen improve in your writing, and what things do you feel you still need work on?

I’ve gotten better at showing what the characters are going through, rather than saying it
outright. I still need to work on world building (especially since book two takes place on
another planet), and making sure I don’t accidentally info dump as I develop that world.
Pretty sure one round of edits will be dedicated to just that. XD

Could you share a little bit about your future writing plans with us? How is your work on the sequel, Two Lives, One Cross, coming along?

I’m actually still debating on the title. Maybe to go three, two, one, something like Two
Lives, Two Destinies? I can easily save the Two Lives, One Cross title for later. Or,
worst case, just keep it as the name of my blog! Decisions, decisions.

Like I mentioned in question two, there are at least five books planned, and books two
and three are basically written out, and are in various stages of editing. I’m taking extra
care with book two (whatever it ends up being called), to make sure that all the elements
are cohesive. In book two, Krysta has to figure out what she’s been called to do. In
book three, there’s more of a focus on Dion’s reactions to what Krysta’s going through,
but ultimately is still Krysta’s story. So don’t worry, there’s plenty more adventures to
come! =D

What advice would you give aspiring indie authors and writers when it comes to the writing process, marketing, and publishing?

For the writing process: Life might throw a lot of things at you, but write when you can,
and keep writing. When I originally wrote Two Lives, Three Choices it took me six years.
But hey, I got it self-published in the end!

For marketing: If you have no idea what you’re doing, sit back for a bit and watch what
other people do. I got a lot of ideas from following indie authors on Twitter. Giveaways,
hashtag games, blog tour – all that I got from watching other people release their books.
That’ll give you enough ideas to get you started.

For publishing: First, figure out whether you want to do traditional or indie. There are
pros and cons to both approaches. After you pick an approach, keep knocking on doors
and don’t give up. If you go traditional and keep getting rejection letters – keep querying.
Famous authors went through countless rejection letters before landing the acceptance that made them famous. If you go indie and are freaked out by the amount you have to
do—take it one step at a time, and you’ll be published before you know it. For both: don’t
give up, and Google is your best friend! XD

Your biography on your website says you collaborated on two books with your father, which I think is awesome. What do you like about co-authoring vs. writing solo?

Thanks! I had fun writing with him! What I liked about co-authoring was that you could
have two people sharing the same vision, but have different takes on how to write it. It
allows for new ideas to be put into the work, while simultaneously giving you someone to bounce ideas off of. Writing solo gives me a few more choices on genre (not sure if I
could have convinced my Dad to write a Sci-Fi novel, lol). I also don’t have to worry so
much about coordinating when it comes to writing times / deadlines. But it’s a bit trickier
to bounce off ideas with people when you have to explain the full context. I’m fine with
either approach, and would love to write something with my Dad again if the opportunity presents itself!

What do you want to leave readers thinking about or learning from after reading Two Lives, Three Choices?

I would love readers to question whether they have the courage to search for the truth.
And, in light of that truth, ask if they’re willing to stand up for what is right. Figuring out
the truth, and making that decision, can be a long process. But I hope Krysta’s journey to
answering those questions will encourage others to do the same.

Ah, so good! That’s the feeling I walked away with after finishing Two Lives, Three Choices. I thought the theme was brought out very well in the story.

Well, thanks so much Kirsten for taking the time to answer these questions. I know I have learned a lot and now I’m stoked for not only the revision release, but your future novels, including Two Lives, One Cross.

So, there you have it. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed learning about Kirsten’s writing projects, process, and hearing writing advice from her as much as I did! Now, before you forget, put a nice big mark on Friday the 15th, because if you’re like me, you’ll probably forget what was so exciting about Friday unless it’s marked for this specific reason.

Don’t forget to check out K. L. Pierce on her website,, as well as her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can find her here on Amazon and be sure to return there this Friday to buy her revision of Two Lives, Three Choices!

Thanks for reading and have a stellar day! Write on.


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  1. Did you say you’re planning on writing five books? Oh my gosh, I think we have the same brain! 😀

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    1. K.L. + Pierce says:

      Yep! So far the plan is five books! That’s awesome! 😀
      How far are you in your five book endeavor?

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