My Theories on the Bright Eyes Podcast: #wheresmilo

A little warning before you read on: This post will have spoilers after about halfway through, but for those of you who have not listened to the Bright Eyes Podcast yet, I have written up a little introduction just for you to get you interested. (After you’ve listened to the latest episode, you’re more than welcome to come back and flail over theories with me. Cheers!)

My Theories on the Bright Eyes Podcast - Tea with Tumnus

If you haven’t yet had a chance yet to listen to Aimee Meester’s Bright Eyes Podcast, I must say, you are missing out on a creative, suspenseful, and exhilerating sci-fi story. It’s all about Trish Odessa, a student in the Athena Institute, and her adventures on board her ship, Ender, as captain for the first time. Each podcast is Trish’s captain log in which she describes either past or current events.

The podcast is written by Aimee, and the voice of Trish Odessa is done by Sydney Fontaine. The awesome spacey soundtrack is done by Cyrus Fontaine. I’m very impressed with the podcast’s quality. The next podcast is released every other Monday (sometimes two weeks is way to long) and each story is filled with suspense, space horror, and very well done characterization and sound effects/music. Also, the WRITING. I’ve never read any of Aimee’s writing (please publish someday, Aimee), but listening to this podcast, not only is she an incredible writer who likes zooming in and focusing on the characters, but she’s also a creative genius. Come on, anyone’s genius if they can pull off something like The Bright Eyes Podcast. Just sayin’.

Now, for those of you who have listened to the Bright Eyes Podcast—at least, the podcasts that have been released so far—, I have some theories I would like to share. Aimee would never tell us what happened to Milo, a very dear and missing character in the story and Trish Odessa’s life, but then we shouldn’t beg. We would, after all, be asking for spoilers.

Which is why we come up with … THEORIES!!!

fun to fantasize.gif

(HA yes, another Twenty One Pilots reference, sorry not sorry.)

(OK the spoilers start NOW. Here’s the link. Now press the link and start listening.)

So. What we’ve learned so far is that Trish’s best friend, Milo, is gone. And not just gone, missing. Trish talks a lot about Milo, so I feel like we know Milo even more than we know her. Which is really quite painful because Milo simply isn’t there. We haven’t met his character, and yet we are obsessed with his mere whereabouts. Slow clap for Aimee.

Theory Number 1: Athena Institute saw greater potential in Milo and gave him classified assignments

We know Milo was an exceptional student. We also know he asks a lot of questions and does a lot of unusual things, leading us to assume he’s a very brilliant guy. Trish expected him to become a captain.

Theory Number 2: Milo asked too many questions

This theory is more like a WHY guess. The point where someone’s asked too many questions has to be reached. We don’t know exactly what Milo’s questions were about, but we know he was curious and intelligent; he might have asked questions that triggered the head of Athena Insitute. He might have known things they wouldn’t want him knowing. Maybe he’d done too much research regarding certain topics. Maybe the questions he asked were about classified topics or had to do with the bowels of the Institute’s top secret plans and goals. Maybe they did something about that.

Milo escaped and decided to put his questions to the test…scientifically

In the last episode as of today, Trish encountered a crew that had been physically altered to become alien-like zombies. It was the most frightening file in Season 1 of the podcast yet, and I listened to it in the dark in bed by myself and I was afraid (normally I don’t pull the sheets over my head, but I did that night). Anyhow, Trish finds an open container of something left over in the ship’s lab and her best guess is that the crew started experimenting with the substance, which turned them into zombies.

If I wanted to go a little overboard with my theories, what if Milo put that substance there? Better yet, was he forced to do it, or was he genuinely interested in altering human physical boundaries and experimented on this crew?

Milo has been brainwashed and is now the head of the Institute

Haha … We don’t know, so why not explore the possibilities? Perhaps Athena Institute saw his talents and abilities and intelligence and wanted to use Milo’s capabilities to help them. They would have to brainwash him though, because I have a feeling that Milo is a good person who thinks the Institute is corrupt and would probably fight them with all he got. Plus, brainwashing a beloved character is good for fans. NOT.

Milo is dead

I can’t just ignore this theory. I’m sorry. Milo did ask questions and probably raised some concerns. Maybe the Institute thought they would be better off dead. (But that would be stupid, if they were able to brainwash him.)

Milo was taken by great big alien creature and is lost in deep space

… and it’s up to Trish to go rescue him!

Milo is away building space empire to conquer and destroy Institute because Milo found the Institute’s real plans and needs to destroy the plans before they all die

Wait. Ok, so that’s two theories in one. First of all, I feel that Milo is totally capable of discovering the Institute’s plans, and I also have a bad feeling that the Institute is corrupt and that these plans may mean the opposite of the students’ well being. What the plans could be is a whole other set of theories, but we’re focusing on #wheresmilo right now.

The threory about Milo being off building a space empire may seem a little far fetched, but we weren’t left with a lot of information to build on. Remember, we only know what Trish knows, and she’s pretty clueless at this point in Season 1. I think it would be a grand idea, if Milo was somehow able to escape the Institute and build a whole other space empire.

Maybe he’s part of another species who can supply him with the tools he would need … Ok, done. Done with the theories now.

I’m sure there are a lot more theories I could come up with, especially as we go further along in the podcast. But now it’s time for YOUR theories; I assume you’re an avid listener of the podcast if you’ve read up to this point in the post. What do you think happened to Milo? What is the Athena Institute really up against? I’m genuinely interested to know of your thoughts. Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to check out the official Bright Eyes Podcast Website, the Project Files, and Aimee’s blog and Twitter. Cheers and have a great day!

6 responses to “My Theories on the Bright Eyes Podcast: #wheresmilo”

  1. *SPOILER WARNING!* I really want to believe that #MiloLives Especially after Episode 6. But she doesn’t seem like the kind of writer that would be that easy on the emotions…

    TBH, I’d never heard of Bright Eyes till I read this post and decided to listen to an episode and ended up spending the last three hours listening to them all back to back -_- There’s all sorts of questions like are they really all students? Are their weapons real and if not, what happened to the ship they destroyed? Were Milo’s pictures some sort of code or language? What was the big thing with the flashy blue light?? Who even ARE the institute? And Milo is right, WHY?

    Liked by 1 person

    • First of all, I’m flailing over the fact that this post made you listen to all 6 episodes back to back, I feel like I’ve done a major accomplishment. XD

      I feel that Milo is alive. I mean, why would there be all this hype and hash tag for a dead character? I guess it COULD be done, and maybe I just want him alive so that we can all flail over #wheresmilo and find out with Trish. Why all this suspense buildup only to find that he’s dead? Aimee can’t be THAT evil. (Or maybe she could)

      ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ARE AMAZING. I’ve never thought about the crew possibly not even being students. The answer I want the most is is that a message Milo left, and if so, WHATS IT MEAN? So many questions, so many theories.

      Anyway, thanks so much for reading and theorizing and enjoy the rest of the podcast! 😀

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  2. Hmm interesting! I really like your theories here, especially the one about the experimentation (There something about his assignment that made him angry after all) and the idea of him building up a rebellion thingy (Milo seems like the kind of guy who could actually pull said thing off)

    My main theories are:

    1. Milo was told to set off the zombie infection on a those ships, refused and then found some way to escape

    2. Milo was a pawn used by the institute to accurately asses what Trish’s weaknesses were to help the institute know what kinds of ways to test her

    3. Milo used some advanced technology which allowed him look like the first mate of the ship (I forgot his name) and swap places with him while Trish was at Jay’s (I know it’s kind of far fetched, but that’s what makes it fun! :D)

    Anyways cool theories! They actually aren’t that farfetched, and at the very least, are fun to think about! 😀

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