Fiction’s Lie: Synopsis Reveal and Fun Facts

As the date for the publication of Fiction’s Lie approaches, my excitement only increases. Plans are nearing accomplishment. Right now, some friends and family are reading/have already read and given me feedback on Fiction’s Lie and I’ve started getting it ready for beta readers!

I’m really excited to write this post as I AM RELEASING THE SYNOPSIS as well as fun facts on Fiction’s Lie. 

FictionsLie- Synopsis Reveal and Fun Facts (1)


Ficino is a young writer, minding his own business. But when his characters find out that he’s ditched a novel he’s been writing about them, they immediately rush to the scene of disaster. Concerned, they enter Ficino’s reality to reproach him for abandoning them, causing Ficino to question his sanity as a writer. He finally explains to his characters the real reason he stopped writing, and to help boost writing inspiration, they take him to their world, the universe Ficino created. The young author and his story people become warm friends and Ficino even finds himself falling in love with his villain-to-be. But later he discovers there is a secret that his own characters are keeping from him, which goes against all rational explanation: Is he the only one writing this story?

Fiction’s Lie Fun Facts


Genre and Story Length

Fiction’s Lie is a a contemporary fantasy novel, taking place in both a town in England and a fantasy world. Since the story involves drama, for the most part, I was tempted to call it a drama fantasy, but that was not specific enough to my story. The story mostly takes place in England during the early 21st century (no particular date is necessary).

The length of the story, as it currently stands, is 79 pages with 48K words. As it was a project for last year’s NaNoWriMo, the original was just over 50K, but editing had to be done. Thankfully not a whole lot was cut out. Technically, Fiction’s Lie is a novella, only two thousand words short of a novel.

Based on another WIP

Yes, Fiction’s Lie incorporates the same world building and several of the main characters from another WIP I’ve been working on longer, my fantasy novel Netherworld that I’ve talked about quite a bit on here. The fun thing is that these characters from Netherworld are Ficino’s characters in the novel he’s writing in Fiction’s Lie. 

Why I wrote Fiction’s Lie

I guess I wanted to write a story about an author who met his characters and travelled to the world that he created. I wouldn’t be writing from experience (just think if I was!) but it’s fun to fantasize. I put Ficino in my shoes. His characters were mine. The world he created was mine. In a way, Ficino and I were working together, but I sent him across reality’s borders to meet our characters and go to our world since I couldn’t.

This is my debut novel

I’ve never, ever published anything before, making Fiction’s Lie my debut novel. I think it’s a nice story to begin with in the publishing journey. Indie publishing on Amazon may or may not be a nightmare, going off what other indie authors have said, but I honestly can’t wait to start formatting, and in the end, it will be so worth it.

The whole idea for Fiction’s Lie originated from this picture I found on Pinterest:


I was excited for NaNoWriMo. I was looking forward to taking a month-long break from Netherworld to try starting fresh, with a new idea to start writing about. But this time, my plot bunnies, which usually plague me quite often, decided to ditch me, and so I was left with no ideas. Until I started scrolling through my story prompt board on Pinterest and stumbled upon this lovely green rectangle with font on it. It was my savior.

Earlier potential titles

Before coming up with the title Fiction’s Lie, I had several other potential title ideas up my sleeve:

Writing Woes

Reality Wars

A Fictional Haunting

“Reality Wars” was the only one I got excited about until the words “Fiction” and “Lie” somehow entered my head and won the battle.



And that’s it! Thanks for reading and do expect some more news and updates on Fiction’s Lie in the near future!


17 responses to “Fiction’s Lie: Synopsis Reveal and Fun Facts”

  1. Sounds like a fun story! I definitely like the title, Fiction’s Lie, above all the others. A writer meeting his own characters is one of my favorite story types! I look forward to seeing where you go with this. 😉


    • OMG thanks so much! I’ll send out a beta reader request hopefully soon (not exactly sure how) but I will add you to the list of people who have already expressed interest in beta reading. 😀


  2. Your book sounds awesome. I love stories where the author and the characters meet. In fact, my sister and I wrote a novel like that. I’d love to read this.


  3. This sounds so awesome! I love the idea of an author literally see his characters come to life is really cool! Now I’m really intrigued to know what this big secret the characters are keeping from Fiction is 😀


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