Fiction’s Lie: Meet the Characters

Last week I posted the synopsis reveal of Fiction’s Lie as well as random fun facts about my soon-to-be-published novel. So, to continue my series of marketing posts, here’s some fun information on my lovely people from Fiction’s Lie. I love my Fiction’s Lie people so much, I think this may just be my favorite post to write in the marketing series.

FictionsLie- Meet the Characters - Tea with Tumnus

A quick fun fact before going on: Meg, Meo, Avaliss, Ivel, and Eleol are characters from Netherworld who appear as Ficino’s characters from his book in Fiction’s Lie. 


ficinoMeet the story’s INFP. When I first started writing Fiction’s Lie, I began with imagining Ficino as basically a gender switch of me. But as I kept writing and developing his character, I found very many differences and unique quirks to complete him.

As you know from the synopsis in my last post, Ficino is a fantasy writer, as well as a formerly homeschooled college student, who lives in Lincoln, England. He gets confused and disoriented very quickly, likes coffee, big bookshelves, and hanging out in bookstores. So yeah, we could say we sure have a lot in common. (Though I’m more of a tea drinker.)




megMeg is definitely quite the character, and I loved writing her arc into Fiction’s Lie. At first she comes across as a hyper, energetic, and talkative teenage girl, not to mention a large amount of stubbornness and snark on the side. But as she gets more and more involved, we begin to see more of her mature side and that there’s so much more to her than what is seen on the outside.

Meg is also the love interest, as well as the suspected villain-to-be. And that’s where things start getting interesting.





meo - fiction's lieMeo, originally the main character from Netherworld, is 15, and a nerd both ways. His personality portrays more of the writer and bookaholic than the logical computer scientist, but both these characteristics describes Meo. He and Meg are best friends and polar opposites except for the fact that Meo can be a little talkative when it comes to problem solving.







ivel - fictions lieIvel is one of the Empress’s most trusted rangers (the Empress being the ruler of Ithraya, the world in Ficino’s novel). He lost his sister to Zulor, the ultimate antagonist, and his quest to find her and wreak vengeance on Zulor is the only reason he still lives.

Ivel is probably my favorite character because his character arc is the most complex. He’s also the reason for the big climax and all the terrible emotional torture you’ll enjoy going through while reading the end. He likes to think he’s on top of everything … and in a way, he is to start out with. But then the unexpected happens, a plot twist occurs, and everything turns around in a complete 360.


avaliss - fiction's lieAvaliss is the peacemaker of the group, a quiet and thoughtful warrior and also one of the Empress’s rangers. She and Ivel were best friends during childhood until Ivel encountered Zulor and entered a dark world all of his own. She is more of a mysterious character, and remains in the shadows for most of the story until her strengths are tested at the very end of the story.

Avaliss is also a character from Netherworld, and the only one with a name change. She is also the first major character I’ve ever created and I’m still developing her past and future.


Unfortunately I was unable to find any pictures that even loosely resembled Eleol (all I got were stock pictures and Lord of the Rings movie shots of Aragorn) so leave a description to words: He’s an elderly ranger, yet his strength and skill defies his age. He is part of a race whose facial features do not change much over the years, and so there is a youthfulness in his face characteristic of his people. His gray eyes betray hints of age, however, and his hair is completely white, around shoulder length.

Eleol was Avaliss’s mentor and combat trainer when she first joined the ranger forces. He still accompanies her on missions and is the only father figure in Avaliss’s life. He doesn’t come into the story of Fiction’s Lie much, but the character he’s based on in Netherworld is different. He just carries the same name, rank, and appearance.


And so those are the major characters that appear in Fiction’s Lie! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them; I know I have enjoyed writing about them.



12 responses to “Fiction’s Lie: Meet the Characters”

  1. This story sounds absolutely fascinating so far! I already want to read it and meet these characters and *squeals!* Characters are the greatest hook for me in any story, and yours already have me captivated.


  2. All of them sound so cool!! I think my favorites would have to be Meg and Ivel. Ivel’s arc sounds so awesome! I love it how he’s so wrecked about his sister’s death, that already tells so much about him. And I’m so happy that Meg has snark. Snarky villains are the best! 😀


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