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Deborah Kelty is a Christian writer based in Wales (how awesome is that?). She recently tagged me for the “When You Learn More About me” Writer’s Questionnaire, an honor I am axcited to participate in (mostly because that saves me from having to come up with a blog post topic for Tuesday, I’ll be honest with you).

The Writers Tag - Tea with Tumnus (1)

What was the first story you remember writing?

I was about seven when I started typing out my first story. It was about a girl named Barbie and her friend Karen whose house burns down, so they move somewhere where they have pancakes every morning. I started a sequel before I finished the first one that had to do with a convertible and I bored of it after the first couple paragraphs.

After that, I began to take writing more seriously.

Where do you gain your inspiration?

From everything. Life. I don’t necessarily try to get inspiration, it just comes to me, sometimes without me even knowing. The things I get inspiration from the most is fellow human beings, music, books, and movies; particularly people that remind me of current or future characters, books and movies in the same genre I write, and Twenty One Pilots and film scores.

Who/What exactly encouraged you to be a writer?

My dad was/is a writer, and so I think the idea to seriously pursue writing came mainly from him. It also helped to have a friend who loved writing just as much as I (that’s Hannah, by the way, hi, Hannah). And ever since I was about five years old, my siblings and I would stay up late at night and make up stories about dinosaurs—always dinosaurs (for horror’s sake), until our imagination begged us to take different routes. Which is why my siblings are also writers.

If you had a choice between past or present tense to use, which one would you pick?

I’ve always written in past tense because the books I read were always in past tense. But more recently, my life was ruined as I started trying out popular YA fiction—think Hunger Games and Divergent—and I started experimenting with present tense. Now I like present tense just as much as past, but all my main projects have been in past tense since I trust that style more.

Do you have some type of “kryptonite” weakness?

Social media used to be a huge distraction with not just writing, but anything else that demanded priority. But now I’ve mastered that, and my kryptonite is now Stranger Things. I don’t think I’ve ever been so obsessed with a fandom before—it appeals to me as a writer, sci-fi lover, and firm believer in good characters, character arcs, plot development, unique elements, redemptive arcs, information pacing, suspense and maybe I should stop. STRANGER THINGS IS AMAAAAZZZIINNNGGGG. (I don’t usually yell in caps on here, so that’s saying something.)

On the flip side, do you have a type of “superman” strength?

I sat here for a long time trying to think of an answer to this one. I think I’m good at writing, but there’s no guarantee there. Ha ha. Ha.

Are there any guilty pleasures of yours?

Oh, I see how it is. My growing addiction for chai lattes has been found out.

Is there a genre of media/entertainment you’ve not seen but want to try out one day?

Yes. There are reasons for why I haven’t started watching Game of Thrones or started playing Skyrim and Legend of Zelda, but one day I might like to give those a try. And there’s lots of amazing anime out there that I haven’t yet seen; I have a growing list of titles on my to be watched list. It’s just that time is of the essence, and I lost time a while back.

And finally, what is your favorite writing snack?

We already got the chai lattes covered. I would say tea, if I’m at home and Starbucks is out of reach. I do love my tea. I try not to eat while writing because then my laptop and papers would get soiled or crumbly. No I’m not a neat freak, I just have common sense.

So, would you do more Q&A’s like this?

Oh yes, definitely! These are fun. Thanks to Deborah Kelty for tagging me. Go check out her blog, Pinterest, and Twitter, and do consider following her.

Now I hereby tag:

Aria Maher

Olivia Krynicki

Karyssa Norton





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