In Which I Answer my Blog Search Term Results

Behold, a blog post I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now: answering internet search terms that have led to my blog. Since a lot of these search terms turned out to range from being a bit ridiculous to downright weird, some of these responses will not be devoid of humor and sarcasm. So beware.

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“twenty one pilots trees meaning”

Ah! The search engine did not fail you. I wrote a whole blog post on the meaning of this fantastic song.

“similarities in movies 2017”

Hm. Slightly confused. Maybe you could be a little specific. For example, I can draw some obvious similarities between Wonder Woman, Spiderman: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Logan, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vo. 1. Spoilers: Those are all superhero movies. Hint: That’s the similarity. Just in case you are still having trouble, all of those mentioned (except for Justice League) are Marvel movies.

“dqrth vader will become hero”

Methinks you meant Darth Vader. That’s okay, we all make typos. Just don’t botch the most important word in the sentence, okay? Okay.

So, to answer the question itself: I think Darth Vader did become a hero. He killed Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, and that was a heroic act considering how much he would have to change during that period of time mentally. When he made that decision, he knew he was not only saving his son, he was also throwing all plans for the future out the window. Everything he lived for died. Perhaps he knew he would die in that moment as he fought Sidious. 

“the only villain loved more than the hero darth vader”

I’m going to ignore the grammatical corruption and get straight to it: I personally like Darth Vader more than Luke Skywalker. One of the reasons for this is because Vader did become a hero, right before his death, as discussed in the question before.

“was darth vader the hero”

Technically, Darth Vader was a villain, but his redemption left him a hero at the end of his arc. Putting aside his turn in Return of the Jedi, I don’t think that Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader would be your typical white-against-black hero character. If you take a look at his believable character arc, he started out as a normal kid who lived an otherwise normal life. And then life situations took him to the not-so-pleasant phase of life where a lot of what he did stemmed from selfish motives. Anakin was a very realistic character in the way he responded to hardships throughout his career was a Jedi and, later, a Sith Lord.

Summed up, no one is born a hero. Darth Vader died a noble one.

There’s a little bit of discussion to chew on. If you agree or disagree with anything in that last paragraph, I want to know. Comment below! if you’re asking this from the perspective of someone who has no clue who Darth Vader is and has yet to see the Star Wars movies, please do yourself a huge favor and go watch them now.

“worst villain darth vader”

Whoever put the thought in your head that Darth Vader is the worst villain needs to come have a little chat with me. Okay, it’s going to be more like a lecture, but still.

“why is darth vader an epic character”

I highly recommend you check out an entire post I wrote to answer this question. It’s titled “Darth Vader: Appreciating the Hero in the Villain,” and it targets the last four questions as well.

“did hans zimmer do star wars”

Does the sun rise in the west?

I’m sorry, I HAD to.

“what if hans zimmer compose music for star wars”

I would be shivering in fear rather than joyfully marching around every time the theme for the villain started playing.

“lone ranger theme tune”

Yes! Now we’re talking Hans Zimmer. I wrote a blog post on how he took a classic Mozart melody and transformed it into a film score…Zimmer style. He also did something similar with the Sherlock Holmes movie soundtrack. It’s a brilliant soundtrack idea!

“critical review of divergent the book”

I have it! It’s pretty critical too. 2.5 of out 5 stars, to be specific.

“tunisian crochet harry potter scarf”

This is probably the most popular post on my blog. I crocheted a Hogwarts Harry Potter scarf and posted a how-to with step by step pictures.

“how to crochet a harry potter scarf from gryffindor”

I know how to crochet a Harry Potter scarf with Gryffindor colors, but certainly not a scarf from Gryffindor. Scarves from the domain of Gryffindor are rarely made and hard to find. Only the best Gryffindor crocheters can actually crochet a Harry Potter scarf from Gryffindor, my friend.

“twenty øne piløts stressed out”

Ooh! Thank you! Here’s a music video I made on TØP’s Stressed Out song! Enjoy!

“using music to write scenes in your story?”

Um? Yes, you may. In fact, I believe that film scores do help enhance the target emotions you are trying to portray when writing. Just find tracks that fit the feel of what you’re currently writing.

“isfp out of control”

Eek. I do not want to see that. If you’re experiencing a fellow human ISFP who is out of control, good luck. Let me know how it goes.

“deep emotional fangirling messages”

Not exactly sure what that means or what you’re looking for specifically, but I did write a post on how the fangirl life can be emotionally damaging. And it’s not a “here’s how to help it” post, it’s more of a “let me sympathize with you by looking at the reasonable facts” sort of write-up. ‘Cause I’m good at that.

“aspirations of writers”

I debunked them here!

“neil gaiman inspirational commencement speech what you thought”

What did I think? I thought it was brilliant, honestly. He put his entire speech in a book called Make Good Art, a good piece of art you should probably check out.

“inspiration: using images as writing”

Um, well, you see, you can’t exactly use images as writing. Unless you meant “using images to help writing,” in which case, yes, images are great sources of writing inspiration, and I use them all the time. Pinterest is a great place to find some of those. If that’s not the answer you’re looking for, well, I’m sorry that I’m not much help when it comes to using images as writing. But let me know if that’s really a thing and I can do some more research.

“fantastic beast and where to find them plot through fandom”

This fantastic beast you speak of should have the pronoun of “it,” not “them.” (Don’t worry, typing grammatically incorrect search terms is also one of my crutches, but I’m working on it.) Now if this beast had a plot through a fandom, I am at my wit’s end for ideas on that one.

On a more serious note, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a textbook on magical creatures written by Newt Scamander for the classrooms at Hogwarts in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. The new movie takes place in 1920s New York, following the character of Newt Scamander himself (played by Eddie Redmayne) as his TARDIS-like suitcase lets loose all the fantastic beasts to run rampant throughout No-Maj New York. It’s a great movie, and a great book.

“the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy 2005 movie in hindi”

You’ve come to the wrong place. I don’t speak Hindi, and in fact I had no idea until I looked it up just now that it was a form of Indian language with origins from Sanskrit (Fun fact: John Williams wrote the entire “Duel of the Fates” from The Phantom Menace in Sanskrit). I’m relatively doubtful that The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie has released versions in Hindi, but then again, I am no help there.

“isfp disappear socially”

Do they now! This is news to me, but this does make sense, as I have never actually met an ISFP in a social setting. I did write a blog post on being an ISFP, but that was back when I thought I was an ISFP. And maybe I really was an ISFP and and maybe I was invisible to people back then, who knows. But I’m an INFP now, so I’m not exactly any help there.

“why it’s great to be an isfp”

*whispers* It’s not that great, it’s really not. Trust me. *hides*

“sherlock ruined”

I wouldn’t be that frank about it. I’m pretty sure you’re talking about what all the BBC Sherlock fans were talking about when the Christmas special, The Abominable Bride, came out a couple years ago. In a way, the special was ruined, but I wouldn’t say it ruined Sherlock as a whole. The series without the Christmas special is still quite good.

“isfp dark side”

Some people claim Darth Maul is an ISFP.

“tyler joseph encouragments to depressed people”

Yes, those are called Twenty Øne Piløts songs. And he doesn’t write songs just for depressed people, though that is one of the goals in his songwriting.

“isfp no emotions”

That would make an odd human indeed. I have yet to meet one.

“narniya mr.thumbls music”

Whoever you are, you need a gold medal for being the best word botcher. Although I have to admit, Mr. Thumbls is a really cute name.

“where to writers get characters”

A faraway place where characters are manufactured and sold for the convenience of creative minds. Sometimes they’re dry and one dimensional, and sometimes they actually have a past that affects the writer’s plot.

If that didn’t answer your question, you can watch this brilliant video by Studio C, which sums it up quite nicely.

“a story about a warthog and it is youngest one”

What, may I ask, were you thinking of exactly when you typed this into the search bar? In any case, I did write a post about a character my brother and I wrote about quite often years back. That said character’s name is Angela Warthog, so I’m not totally surprised to have seen this search term come up in my blog stats. The post was one of the first ones I had written, and it’s focusing on my early writing days, so… *cringes*


4! 6! 8! 

I’d be genuinely interested to know how many times you had to click on the “next page” button to come up with, and ultimately decide to click on, my blog.

“tips for multiple storylines like got”

Just making sure you’re aware, but “got” is a terrible storyline. Add some color, some depth, some specificity, and then you’re getting somewhere.

Congratulations. You just wasted your time reading answers to search terms that were either ridiculous or made at least a smidgeon of sense. While you’re still reading, what are some hilarious search terms that you’ve found on your blog stats? And, please answer this, because now I’m dying to know: Do you think Darth Vader is an epic character?

16 responses to “In Which I Answer my Blog Search Term Results”

  1. DARTH VADER RULES. This comes from an anti-Star Wars person. (Sorry.) As a kid, I thought he was the most terrifying villain I’d seen to that point (other than the Red Bull in The Last Unicorn). Then, when I finally saw Return of the Jedi as an adult (my first husband insisted I suffer through it — sorry!), I literally burst into tears during the funeral pyre scene, when Luke looks over and IT’S ANAKIN, not Vader. The enormity of the redemption arc was not lost on me one whit. So beautiful.
    And since seeing the prequels and understanding that, yes, Anakin made some very bad choices and ultimately opted to become a villain, I also felt there were so many factors working against him and that the Jedi Council basically kicked him while he was down, rather than trying to help their supposed chosen one. Go suck eggs, Jedi Council, you deserved what you got.
    Really, I am not a SW fan.
    But my favorite part of Rogue One was when Vader was back to kick some serious butt with his lightsaber.
    Honestly, I am not a fan (don’t try to convert me, the father of my oldest son tried in vain for 6 years, so trust me, it’s moot).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, I love that you’re not a Star Wars fan but that you feel exactly the same I do about Darth Vader!!! Yeah, the Jedi Council made some seriously questionable choices. Turns out, Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side was probably the balance they all wanted, just not in the way they wanted. XD And YES, his performance in Rogue One was EPIC. 😀 I wish I could convert you (it’s my favorite fandom) but I guess I’d be wasting my time, huh? Lol! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Deep emotional fangirling message”. 😀 Those are hilarious. I’m an ISFP, and I definitely agree with you: it’s not much fun. So many emotions…
    And Darth Vader is epic. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    That’s really all I have to say. Sorry for the spam.
    Oh, and also, thank you so much for giving me a good laugh over this!! I must admit, although I’ve had to scratch my head over some of the search terms on my own site, none have been this enjoyable to read!! XD


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