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Miranda Kulig, over at the blog Dreams and Dandelions, posted The Book Habits and Currently Reading Q&A Tag and tagged me to do so as well! Thanks Miranda! Don’t forget to check out her blog. Now, onto those questions and I’ll tag some fellow bookworm bloggers at the end too!

The Bookish Q and A Tag - Tea with Tumnus

Q1: What books do you remember reading that kick-started your bookworm habit?

When I was six, I started reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In fact, I read that series several times, and that was what started my reading obsession. Around the same time, I started reading the Chronicles of Narnia, which ultimately got me into fantasy later on.

Q2: What genre, or genres, would you normally choose? 

Definitely science fiction and fantasy. Always. I do also love classic literature, such as Jane Austen, H. G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Victor Hugo. I like historical fiction, which is a genre I read mostly during middle/high school, but not a whole lot recently. Over the last couple years I’ve been loving indie published books—I’ll get to that more in question 9.

Q3: Do you eat while you read and if yes, what exactly?

What?! And risk the possibility of soiling the pages??

Okay, sometimes I do, but only when I’m really hungry and can’t put down a book, but having those instances happen simultaneously is pretty rare. And, if I get my act together, I always do love a good cup of tea while reading (or doing anything, at that).

Q4: Are there any scenes from your favorite novels that you remember vividly?

Hmmm. I can’t think of any scenes that I still remember vividly. I guess my imagination doesn’t easily hold on to stuff like that.

Q5: Were there any least favorites?

Yes. Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games series is one of them. That book disappointed me so much. It was depressing, I disliked each of the characters more and more as the story progressed, and the ending was terrible. But I think it was the best ending that a story like that could sum up. And then there’s Song of the Sending by a more well-known indie author I read so I could review it on Constant Collectible. In fact, you can read all about what I disliked from that book on there.

Q6: So, as you’re a bookworm, what are you reading currently today? (Optional)

Quite a bit, actually. I just started reading The Blood Race by K. A. Emmons. It is intriguing, unique, with interesting characters, and I love her writing style. Basically: Why haven’t I read this book before??? I also recently began The Stroke of Eleven by Kyle Robert Shultz, and wow, what a prologue! I’m also listening to the audiobook version of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I read the actual paperback version a few years ago, but all of my books are packed and I heard the narrator was good, so I’m reading it again.

Q7: How’s it getting along for you? (Optional)

How’s the reading? Pssh. I’m trying to read a lot, but my classes this semester require a lot of reading per week, so I’m not reading “fun books” as much as I’d like to. But, at least the books I’m reading for school are interesting and enjoyable for the most part.

Q8: Have you then got a large bookshelf, or do you plan to?
No. But YES, I plan to. I would, of course, love to have shelving for every bit of wall space, but that’s in an ideal world, and this is not an ideal world. In case you needed that reminder.
Q9: Do you have a liking to indie or traditional books?
I like both kinds of books, depending on how well they were written (characters, worldbuilding, writing style). From a writer’s POV, my views differ, but that’s besides the point. I do wonder why some traditionally published books were even published to begin with, and there are always those indie published books that, if I were an agent or publisher, I would traditionally publish without a second thought.
Now, I said earlier that I would get more into the indie books I like. Here’s the list of some in no particular order (you’re welcome!):
The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz
Two Lives, Three Choices by K. L. Pierce
Where the Woods Grow Wild by Nate Philbrick
Skies of Dripping Gold and Colors of Fear by Hannah Heath
Ashes by Grace Crandall
The Creation of Jack Vol. 1 by E. B. Dawson
Masters and Beginners Vol. 1 by Daley Downing
Q10: And lastly, do you plan to promote reading in some way, or already are?
I guess having this blog is one way in which I promote books: I promote books written by fellow writers and favorite indie authors by reviewing them on here, Goodreads, and Amazon, hoping that more people will buy and read them. I could get into why I promote reading, but that’s a topic for a later blog post.
That’s it! I do love tag posts like this. Answering questions helps me to reflect back on why I hold certain perspectives or fondly remember favorite novels from the past, and it gives me an opportunity to appreciate books and reading in general, as well as recommending great indie published books.
So, now I tag:
Hallie Jenkins
Aria Maher
Hannah Krynicki
Marrok McIntyre
Azelyn Klein
What do you think about indie or traditionally published books? Do you have any scenes from favorite novels you remember vividly (to fill in for my lack of an answer to that question)? What are you currently reading? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments, as well as any book recommendations—one can never get too many of those! Thanks for reading, and have a stellar day!

7 responses to “The Bookish Q&A Tag”

  1. Thanks for the tag! What a fun post. I particularly like how you’re listening to The Name of the Wind. I actually read the book last year per your recommendation and enjoyed it a lot! And now I’m getting more into audio books as I have to drive more, and wow, is it fun. I hope the narrator for TNW is as good as you heard!


    • I’m so glad you read The Name of the Wind from my recommendation! 😀 It’s one of my top 10 favorite novels ever! I need to get more audio books, because then I can “read” while doing mindless tasks like driving or cleaning etc. Very convenient. 😀


  2. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while but I realised I haven’t commented before, so I just wanted to say hi properly.
    Little House on the Prairie was one of the books that got me into reading as well. Also, I totally agree with you about Mockingjay. I was kind of glad when it ended, to be honest.
    I haven’t read many indie books, but I have a few on my tbr list, including two of the ones you recommended, actually.


    • Hi Frances! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!
      I’m glad someone else shares the same thoughts about Mockingjay. 😀 Yes, I’m glad Collins didn’t go onto a fourth book. There are some good things about the Hunger Games books, but overall, it’s a very depressing series with not as much redemption as I would’ve liked in the third book.
      So glad you’ve got some indie books on your TBR (and that some are based off my recommendation XD). There are so many great indie published works out there and that category is a wonderful breath of fresh air to read!


  3. Eeep I grew up on (in?!) Narnia too!!😂It was the absolute best and totally inspired a lot of my writing too. (Also yayy for Daley’s book being on your list I loved it too!) I also really enjoyed Name Of The Wind although I haven’t started the sequel yet as it’s a little intimidating in size haha.


    • YES!!! Honestly, I think every writer I’ve met has read Narnia and gained so much inspiration from that series. The Name of the Wind is amazing, and yes, very big (but thankfully not as big as Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive books, those take me FOREVER XD). Thanks so so much for reading and commenting!!! 😀


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