The Writer’s “Get to Know Me” Tag

I ran faster, the stitch in my side forgotten. I felt exhausted and frustrated at how serious this seemingly innocent game of tag had become. I mean, no game of tag has ever existed for two hours, and being anxiety-prone isn’t helping each time I spot a fellow player with impish intent all over their face. When the game started, we were all amateur bloggers, trying to make friends in the otherwise unfriendly world of the Internet. How did it become such a stressful game of every man for himself?

My heart nearly stopped in my chest as I turned a corner and met a dead end; a huge wall of wood spanning about twenty feet in width and length barricaded any other hopes of hiding. Someone had generously graffitied “BLOGGER’S BLOCK” in big black letters across the wall. So this is how it ends, then. But then I heard footsteps, getting louder at an even faster rate than my growing apprehension. When I whipped around, I stood face to face with another runner in the game. It was a girl with long brown hair, braces, and an unexpectingly friendly smile. She reached out, tapped me, and whispered, “tag!” I immediately fell unconscious.

The Writers Get to Know Me Tag - Tea with Tumnus

And that is how I’ve entered this … place. Where interrogation is made fun. And yet there are rules. I must acknowledge the creator of the tag, (Savannah of Inspiring Writes), thank the person who tagged me (that would be my new friend, Addie of The Lion’s Pen, thanks Addie!), share the tag graphic … wait for it … there we go.


Last but not least, after this fun little interrogation (which, I’ve been told, seems to be merely for social reasons, but I’m not one easily swayed), I must tag eleven other bloggers. Eleven. I’ll need several energy drinks and quite a bit of ambrosia if I’m to stay alert enough to tag eleven other players. 

But I’ll do my best.


Name: S. M. Metzler. Name, first name please. *sighs* Susannah.

Any nickname? Susanne, Susan, Savannah, even Sandy at one point. But I think all my nicknames come from people who didn’t hear me right the first time. That’s my mistake. Some co-workers call me Sus.

Birthday. That’s classified. Birthday. Please. Fine. First of August. Quite conveniently, I’ve forgotten the year.

Hair color and length? *points to my head*

Eye color. Grayish blue. You just don’t want a staring contest because you know I’d win.

Any braces, piercings, tattoos? No. Agents of the Blogger’s Alliance do not tamper with such luxuries. Not even tattooed brands identifying my rank.


First novel written. Okay, now we’re getting to the real interrogation part. The answer is Fiction’s Lie. I’m currently rewriting it.

First novel completed. None. Yet.

Award for writing. My unpublished writing is confidential. There’s my short story on Wattpad, but no rewards for that have been received.

First publication. None.

Conferences. None.

Query/Pitch. *sigh* None.


Novel that you’ve written. I haven’t completed any novel yet, but Netherworld is my favorite story that I’ve worked on. Fiction’s Lie features many of the same elements from Netherworld, such as characters, worldbuilding, and some story aspects, but the premise is very different.

Genre: Fantasy and science fiction.

Author: *laughs* No, I can’t limit it to one. J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Patrick Rothfuss, Patrick Ness, J. K. Rowling, Douglas Adams, Brandon Sanderson, Victor Hugo, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Writing Music: The album Celtic Fair by Maggie Sansone, film scores (John Williams, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Michael Giacchino), Twenty One Pilots, The Piano Guys, Audiomachine, Jeremy Soule’s soundtrack for Elder Scrolls, and Two Steps from Hell.

Time to write. Any timeframe of at least two hours with no distractions or homework priorities. Which nearly never happens. I prefer to write when no one else is awake to distract me –– like early in the morning or late at night.

Writing snack/drink: Tea. And, on rare occasions, chocolate and decaf espresso drinks.

Movie. *squirms* ONE?! Okay. How about your current favorite movie? That’s a little better. I’d say Spiderman: Homecoming. In fact, I wrote a movie review on the blog last year if you want to check that out. That way you can read my review and I don’t have to make this post longer than it has to be rambling about Spiderman.

Writing memory. Probably when I finished my first draft of Fiction’s Lie at the end of NaNoWriMo 2016. It was my first novel (50K words) that I’d ever actually finished, in terms of finishing the first draft. The ecstacy wore away, of course, with these rewrites.

Childhood book. Before I started reading bigger series like Narnia and the Little House in the Big Woods, I loved Hey Al and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs for their wierdness.


Writing. Fiction’s Lie, second draft. Pray for me.

Listening to? *checks Spotify* “Taming the Dinosaurs” from Steve Jablonsky’s soundtrack for Deepwater Horizon. Never heard of this track or the movie.

Watching. Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and am loving every minute of FitzSimmons.

Learning. In school, I’m learning about plants, computers, and dark 19th century literature. Also, I just learned how to use a 30-year-old spotlight at a community theater and will be managing it for this upcoming show.


Do you want to be published? *sobs* YES.

Indie or traditionally? I want Fiction’s Lie to be indie published, and I’m hoping to traditionally publish Netherworld once I get back to work on that.

What’s your wildest goal? I really, really want to be a student at Hogwarts. Like, really, really bad. So much I get a chestache thinking about it. More realistically, I want to see Twenty One Pilots in concert and meet John Williams.

Thank you, Susannah. If you have not tagged eleven bloggers in the next 48 hours, you will be summoned back here for further investigation into your personal files.

*shudders* Okay. Let me get my running shoes on.

Hallie Jenkins

K. L. Pierce

Deborah Kelty

Gabriela Paige

Hannah Heath

Hannah Krynicki

Ryan Penland

Beth Wangler

Azelyn Klein

E. B. Dawson

Luke Hartman

Okay, I’m done. I hope that was at least midly enteraining and maybe you got to know me a little better than you did before. Now where’s my tea?




8 responses to “The Writer’s “Get to Know Me” Tag”

    * ahem *
    Sorry, had to go push my Peter Parker fangirl back down inside where she can’t make too much noise so I can talk semi-normal person like. 😁
    Wow, we have a lot of the same interests/favroites/goals!!
    Getting to meet John Williams irl would be amazing… His soundtracks have pulled me through many a late hour of seemlingly-never-to-end math homework…

    Anyway, this was a fun read! I’m glad to get to know you a little better! (Hmm, that was not meant to sound as creepy as it ended up sounding… Gotta work on that… 😕)


    • YAS Spiderman Homecoming!!! Such a good movie. 😀 John Williams has been my favorite music artist for a long time, and his music is great just to listen to as well as for writing and homework motivation! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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