The Most Likely Tag: Fun Facts About My Characters

As of late, writer’s block has decided to show up in all its glorious nonexistence, probably because NaNoWriMo was traumatizing and I didn’t want to touch my book for an entire month afterwards. But I recently got tagged by my friend Addie at The Lion’s Pen with the Most Likely Tag, which basically asks questions about my characters and I get to answer them here. I’m a fan of tags that have to do with one’s WIP because it helps me to think about my story and characters in ways I never have. So, onwards.

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Most likely to become a poet

Finley. He is the writer, and he tends to have more of a poetic style of writing when it comes to description and portraying emotions. He’s also more of a quiet, brooding, deep-thinking person, and I wouldn’t be surprised to discover if he has written poetry as long as he’s been writing stories.

Most likely to dance in the rain

Cue me going “lol Meg” for the one hundred and onth time. Meg is probably the only character who would dance in the rain, and she’d probably do it every time it rains. She has a wonderful habit of finding joy in random little things and enjoying them with abandon. Because that’s Meg.

Most likely to get punched in the face

Leo. He doesn’t often think before he speaks because his brain is wired this weird way where his conscious thoughts often come out of his mouth as he’s thinking. Since he has a cynical sense of humor, he sometimes likes to verbally observe things with sarcastic scorn, which often ends up offending the observed if they’re in earshot. I think it has a lot to do with Leo’s perspective on humanity in general. Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, but there are a few people who at some point would have loved to give him a crack in the jaw.

Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep herder

Eleol. He’s not only the town surgeon and apothecary, but also the governor’s personal healer, so I would imagine he could get very tired very quickly and have a 3/4 life crisis. His backward attempts to gain a certain power would also be a big turn over for him as well.

Most likely to be found in a library

Leo. That’s where all of his after-school activities happen: reading and looking for and sitting around books. Books about anything and everything having to do with Earth, impractical yet intriguing ideas, magic vs. science, quantum theory, and the cosmos as we think we know it.

Most likely to say “oops” after setting something on fire

Avaliss, definitely. She’s one of the few Users–people who have a Magic stemming from an innate Energy–to wield a superelement in all Kemyn. Her Magic is fire, obviously, and it gave her some serious drawbacks in her childhood. Even after years of training, she still hasn’t mastered some of the intermediate basics for summoning. But accidental flames have been known to appear whenever Avaliss is around.

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

Ival. No, he wasn’t trained for such a thing. But as a seasoned warrior in the ranger force, he’s had plenty of experience and would know exactly what to do if ever such an event as a zombie apocalypse would pop up.

Most likely to fake their own death

Zealen, for sure. Just so that he could catch everyone by surprise. He would do it for world domination reasons and not just to play pranks on friends, however. I don’t think anyone would find it very funny at all.

Most likely to die and haunt friends

That would be Meg, again. Obviously, she’d be very disappointed that she died and let everyone else complete the adventerous undertakings without her. She’d try to be as present as she could in ghost form. But since ghosts don’t exist in my world, I’m not sure how that would work. Sorry, Meg.

And there you have it. That was fun, and now I’ll tag a few other writer/bloggers to do the same:

Deborah Kelty

Emrys Merlin

Aria Maher

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d better stop talking about my characters and get over to my manuscript. They’re waiting for me to finally get to writing over there.


One response to “The Most Likely Tag: Fun Facts About My Characters”

  1. I love this idea!! I might have to steal it. Suggestions for added most likelies (just for giggles)

    Most Likely to Go Grocery Shopping in Cosplay
    Most Likely to Give Weird Presents for Christmas
    Most Likely to Have a Stash of Grenades Under Their Bed


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