Answering My Blog’s Search Term Results Pt. 3

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Another yearly wind-up post in which I make fun of all the search term results that lead somehow to my blog! Who knows! Web search engines are strange and so is WordPress! Here we go!

crochet 2 colour striped footie scarf image

I’m truly sorry to break it to you, but scarves are not for the feet. If an image of this does exist, it does not exist on this blog. Good luck to you trying to find that. A Footie Scarf would be a rather inventive thing indeed. If you want to crochet a scarf with two striped colors, however, well, that’s close enough. You can learn how to do that here. If you want to put it on your feet, well, I’ll leave that totally up to you.

tea with tumnus actions speak more than words

Someone actually had the audacity to search “tea with tumnus” *gasp*

As far as Tumnus goes, actions did not speak louder than words for the poor faun. Indeed, his actions deliberately portrayed the idea that he was nothing more than a humble, kind faun who lived by himself in the woods, and successfully covered up the fact that he was actually a human hunter for the White Witch. If he tried to say all this in words, Lucy should be smart enough to see through it immediately and would have probably left his house even before the tea would have finished steeping. Tumnus relied on words (albeit through sincere sobbing) to relay the truth. Relying on words to portray a believable lie doesn’t usually end well, so Tumnus relied on actions. And they served him well, until he decided he was indeed a terrible faun.

trees twenty one pilots significado

Meaning of the song? Here.

antagonistic journaling

I’ve never heard of this, but I can see how it might be a good coping mechanism for people who constantly battle hostile thoughts towards people and society and the world. Yes, you can think over and plan out rules for destroying the planet in great detail, just keep it private in a journal. This gives you plenty of time to be an antagonist, as well as vent. (I’m assuming we’re all hoping venting would solve the issue at hand and that your plans for evil world domination won’t actually fall into place.)

silence in the trees meaning

Well, because you have to be quiet if you want to hear the trees talking at all. Sometimes you can even listen to them growing. But you really have to be silent. It means just being by yourself in a forest, and being as still as you can without talking or thinking and breathing too loud. That’s what silence in the trees means.

what does it mean that the trees are silent

Okay so the trees are being silent now? They’re probably holding their breaths to see who among them will be the first to hear your stomach gurgle. Honestly? How should I know, I’m not a tree, and I sure as heck am not about to post about being a tree on this blog. Unless I somehow become an Ent. There’s 0% chance of that ever happening.

why is it so hard to be an isfp

If you were an INTP I bet you’d be searching “why is it so hard to be an intp.” If an ESFJ, you’d be asking “why is it so hard to be an esfj.” It’s hard to be anyone, really. That’s life. However I will admit ISFPs do have a rough bit of a time, since they are introverted socially and extroverted in their senses and feelings. They are very observant and perceptive, but other people might find them aloof because they are usually so quiet.


veronica roth writing style


I’m afraid you’ve come only to get a scathing, critical rant on her writing style. Let’s see, where did I vent about this? Oh, yes. Kindly navigate here for a lovely book review by 17-year-old me. I gave it a whopping 2.5 stars! ^^

This search term ended up in my last post where I answered silly search term results on the blog, and this was my only response:

nymph ticks

I’ve never heard of the concept of ticks nesting in the pores or scalps of the Greek mythological female nature spirit deities. But I’m flattered that you’d come to me with the assumption that I have a breadth of knowledge so vast that I could provide information on this rather unsettlingly specific idea.


What web browser did you use!? And how the frickety frack did this string of randomly placed letters and digits end up on my blog, of all places on the Worldwide Web? Because I copied and pasted this long string of seeming nonsense into my Google search engine and even Google is not smart enough to land me a link where this string of letters and numbers might in any way make sense.



why does lucy fall asleep in narnia

I’m assuming she has celiac disease or some kind of natural negative response to wheat or gluten. She also felt like crying and laughing and dancing and sleeping all at the same time, according to the book, so there’s no doubt this mental state of mind would exhaust her nerves and cause her immense fatigue. Of course it has nothing to do with a magic spell; this happens in Narnia, so such things are absolutely unheard of. It’s got to be the grain.

Alright, that’s pretty much all of the somewhat crazy, out-of-context search term results that somehow led to my blog. I do hope you’ve enjoyed this utter nonsense as much as I enjoyed writing it. What are some ridiculous search terms people searched that landed them on your blog or website? Share them in a comment and let the nonsense continue. If you’re interested in further comedy and sarcasm, here is Answering My Blog’s Search Term Results Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 from years 2018 and 2019. Have a stellar day!

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