Raise Lyme Awareness! Part 2: How YOU Can Help

The last two weeks I’ve been posting all about Lyme Disease: The first was an intro, explaining exactly what Lyme Disease is and how it works, and the second was about what it’s like to live with Lyme and being friends with a Lymie. To finish off this series for Lyme Awareness Month, I’m focusing on you.

Raise Lyme Awareness! Part 2 How YOU Can Help Tea with Tumnus

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Raise Lyme Awareness! Part 1: Living with Lyme Disease

In the last post, I gave a basic introduction on Lyme Disease, what it is and how it affects its victims. It is a very dreadful disease and can completely take over one’s life. That’s what this post is about. How do people cope with Lyme Disease? How can they face every day of constant struggle with pain? There are a lot of answers and a lot of ways to answer them, so I won’t be able to cover everything in this post, but I’ll summarize each aspect as best as I can.

Raise Lyme Awareness! Part 1 Living with Lyme Disease  Tea with Tumnus

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Raise Lyme Awareness! – What is Lyme and What Does it Do?

Pain. Unfathomable pain. Constant pain. And it’s going to stay for the rest of your life.

That is what most people realize when it becomes clear they have Lyme Disease. Of course, I know nothing about this pain I hear of. But I personally know people who have Lyme and I have had the privilege of being explained how it feels to live with Lyme from someone who has it. And it can be summed up pretty well in one word: Pain. The kind that leaves you bedridden and depressed. It can even lead you to question whether life is worth it anymore.

Raise Lyme Awareness!-What Is Lyme and What Does it Do  Tea with Tumnus

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Fundraisers: Reminder – Help the Heaths Beat Lyme Disease!

A few months ago I wrote a post about a fundraiser for the Heath family. We were trying to raise money for their trip to the Hansa Center in Kansas for lyme treatment because $50,000 is a lot and one family can’t easily raise that much. Thankfully, however, through prayer and faithful willing donors, we raised $20,000.

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Fundraisers: Help the Heath Family Beat Lyme Disease!

The Heaths are our close friends and four out of five of them are diagnosed with Lyme disease. The people with the worst symptoms are my very good friend Hannah and her dad, Mr. Heath, and are both in a lot of pain every day. They are an amazing family and it seems that they don’t deserve to have this happen to them, but everything that happens in this life, God is working out for good, though we do not understand. We are all constantly praying for them. This summer Mr. and Mrs. Heath and Hannah are going to a treatment center for Lyme Disease in Kansas, where they will undergo treatment for two weeks. This fundraiser is to help them raise money to go (it takes a ridiculous amount of money …). Please check out this link – http://www.youcaring.com/joe-melissa-and-hannah-heath-373981 and consider putting in some money towards their trip, even just a little bit. Small amounts do count and it all adds up. Thank you!