Mission Statement

I’m S. M. Metzler. I started this blog in the hopes of becoming a better writer, and to inspire writers and geeks alike with the theme of story. Because after all, stories can come in all different forms, from movies, to music, to random pictures or pieces of writing. And with stories come inspiration.

I also created this blog to share my voice. I hope that this blogging and writing journey through publishing posts and stories will help shape me to become a bold and confident person, who’s not afraid to stand up and write for what I believe is right … whether it’s general moral values, Christianity, politics, etc. Writing is my creative and emotional outlet, but it is also my way of expressing my beliefs and persuade others. Not all of my posts will be persuasive speeches, however; in fact, I want them to come across as light, inspiring, thought-provoking, and even funny or sarcastic. But I see words as magic, and, with the proper tools, I can wield that magic to create stories. Stories have power to make the world beautiful, and if we use the words right, we can.

Roald Dahl - Tea with Tumnus sketch

So I hope you see this as something other than a personal blog kept by a young nerdy writer. I hope you see it as something you can also partake in; a journey not just for writers or geeks, but for anyone to be inspired. Because I believe everyone has a creative tendency, whether it be writing, music, sports, painting, sewing, photography, drawing, the list goes on; you can use your hobbies, your gifts, to reach other people, to use them to encourage, inspire, give hope, change someone’s mind, make people think again about themselves, other people, the world, the meaning of life. And so can stories. That’s why I’m here, and I hope that’s why you’re here too.

This blog is a journey. I’ve only just begun, but I’m inviting you to join. I don’t know how long this journey will be, or how many people I will reach, or even if I ever publish a story. But this blog is full of words. Some of them might be weird and random. Some might make sense. Some might be funny. But my goal is to use them to inspire you, in whatever way that may be.

Let’s go write some stories. 😀