My Photography

I see photography as another means of storytelling. Rather than writing a story, I can capture a story with a camera. There’s a reason for the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Below, I have featured some of my favorite shots. I’m an amateur who doesn’t know how to use her DSLR to its fullest potential … yet. But just like writing, photography is an art that requires much fine tuning and creativity, exploration and experience.

You can also check out my photography Instagram at @rainydaytales_photog.

candle_watermarkcello3_watermarksurfer_watermarksunset2_watermarkwave_watermarkrose2_watermarkgoodcello_watermarkmichael_watermarkpier3_watermarkpool_watermarktrees_watermarkfullsizeoutput_98drainbow_watermarksword_watermarkwave2_watermarkstormy_watermarksunset_watermarksnow_watermarkrosecello_watermarkshorebreak_watermarkrose_watermarkring_watermarkrainy_watermarkrose_watermark (1)pier2_watermarkocean1_watermarkclouds_watermarkflower_watermarkpier_watermarkflowers_watermarkfog_watermarkflower1_watermarkleaves_watermarkharbor_watermarklemon_watermarklotr_watermarkboat_watermarkarch_watermarkbeach_watermarkboat2_watermarkbeachagain_watermarkapples_watermark




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