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Visit to the Psychologist: A Sherlock Fanfiction Story

I published this on Wattpad in early July of 2017. When I first started watching BBC Sherlock in 2015, I became a huge fan and wrote a short story fanfiction that takes place three days after Watson meets Sherlock and moves into 221B. Just recently, I edited and rewrote

Better cover art #2some parts, my very talented sister drew and colored a beautiful cover, and I put it up on Wattpad!

There is no case. Sherlock is bored. And the wall just downgraded another hole.
Only three days has passed since Doctor John Watson moved into the flat with Sherlock Holmes, and hearing the gunshots is the last straw. Feeling genuinely concerned about the sanity of his roommate, Watson suggests that Sherlock visit the psychologist for once. He agrees reluctantly, but in the end, it’s Sherlock Holmes having fun bamboozling the psychologist with his skills in deduction, a turn in events that lifts the spirits of  the caseless detective.






This is my biggest project, the first in a series of high fantasy. It’s actually the first novel I plan on traditionally publishing, and the hardest story to write a synopsis for. I haven’t finished the first draft; much of my work so far has been outlining and rewriting the storyline.  Currently, I am actually rewriting Part 1 and 2 at the same time, according to my new outline.


Ficino is a young writer, minding his own business…until his characters appear in his reality, informing him of the destruction going on in their world because he’s stopped writing. One of his characters has gone renegade and is trying to wrest control of the story out of Ficino’s fingers. After briefly questioning his sanity, Ficino must keep writing not only to save his characters’s lives, but also the very world he created.

I finished this as a NaNoWriMo 2016 winner novel, at 50,200 words and 82 pages. Right now, it’s in the rewriting process, but I see a lot of potential in getting it indie published very soon. It’s been giving me lots of problems recently, but my zeal for this story is incessant, and I can’t wait to get it out there.