The “First Book You’ve Ever Read” Challenge

It’s called a “challenge” for a reason. Trying to think of the first book I’ve read really is a challenge, especially if you’re not sure what kind of “book” we’re referring to here. If it was my actual first book ever, we’d be talking Curious George or one of those Little Golden Books or “Hey Al,” but then no one would be reading this post. So I just went with what Marrok McIntyre did in his first post of the challenge and picked the first novel I read

By the way, Marrok is the one who tagged me and is the founder of this challenge. He is a fantasy writer and an all around awesome person, and you should definitely check out his blog!

The First Book Ive Read Challenge - Tea With Tumnus

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The Bookish Q&A Tag

Miranda Kulig, over at the blog Dreams and Dandelions, posted The Book Habits and Currently Reading Q&A Tag and tagged me to do so as well! Thanks Miranda! Don’t forget to check out her blog. Now, onto those questions and I’ll tag some fellow bookworm bloggers at the end too!

The Bookish Q and A Tag - Tea with Tumnus

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3 Poems About Books

This Tuesday, I decided to do something fun and different. I haven’t shared too much of my own writing on my blog yet, so I decided to share a few poems I wrote recently. I’m fairly good at writing poetry, but I guess my novel has demanded much more of my time and attention and kept me away from daydreaming about rhyming words and prose. So I feel a little obstinate towards my novel today in posting nothing but poetry!

3 Poems About Books - Tea with Tumnus

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