Why I Made a Twenty Øne Piløts Music Video (+ the Actual Video)

For years I’ve wanted to make a film. For years I had a boundless number of ideas flooding my brain of images and specific visuals that I wished I could somehow produce for the screen for us to see. And it was terribly frustrating because I could never take the ideas out of my head and put them into reality without the skill, the aid, the time, the money, and the people to help. I had stories I wanted to write, yes, but I wanted some of those stories to accompany visuals and music to make them seem real. 

And then I discovered Twenty Øne Piløts. I fell in love with their music for many different reasons and so one day I decided to draw a rough sketch of a storyboard for a music video for one of their most popular songs, “Stressed Out.” Drawing the storyboard at the beginning of summer 2017, I had no idea that it would be good enough in 5 months to get put on YouTube. That was the ultimate goal, but I wasn’t sure then that it would ever happen.

Why I Made a TØP Music Video (Plus the Actual Video) - Tea with Tumnus

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Movie Review – Spiderman: Homecoming (With Spoilers)

I’ve seen some of the older Spiderman movies, and liked them despite their cheesiness. But after watching Homecoming, I realized that out of all the superheros, Spiderman/Peter Parker is not only the most relatable, but also a character I will always admire and learn from.

(Batman’s cool, too. *namaste bow*)

Movie Review Spiderman Homecoming (with spoilers) - Tea with Tumnus

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Darth Vader: Appreciating the Hero in the Villain

Gollum. Bane. Loki. Sherlock. Snape. These are only a few characters that are amazing because of their marvelous depth in the stories they helped create. But there is one character I always automatically think of when it comes to talking about the depth and character arc: Darth Vader. I’ve said it before: Darth Vader is AWESOME. He is my favorite villain of all time. He is the character that made the Star Wars movies; in other words, there would be no Star Wars if there was no Darth Vader. It’s as simple as that. This post is not only for people who 1) think it’s sick to love a character who killed little kids, or 2) hate the Prequels for various reasons. It is also for any Star Wars fan or writer who loves breaking down and analyzing the essence of Darth Vader’s character and the genius twist in the “Chosen One” stereotype.
Darth Vader Appreciating the Hero in the Villain                                                  Image Copyright Susannah Metzler ©2016 

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The Writer’s Thoughts: Should I Use the MBTI in Writing?

It was a few weeks ago when a fellow writer introduced the idea to me of using the MBTI for fiction, and it was a week ago that I posted on my MBTI type so that other writers could understand the ISFP in terms of giving it to one of their characters. I thought all this was a great idea, but before I begin giving my characters each a personality type, I thought I would post today on some of my thoughts on doing it first and see what you guys think.

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Costumes and Cosplay: Easy and Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up quick. Have you thought yet about who you’ll be? We have, though I admit we didn’t take too much time to think about it. If you don’t know what costume you should don, and if you still have time, here are a few quicker and easier costume picks off the top of my head that may be helpful for the hurried Halloweener …Read More »

The Birth of a Character: Angela Warthog

“Here is a secret. A very important secret. And it will change your perspective of Angela Warthog. I see you are able to  judge her very easily by the mention of her odd name, and you may not have much of a perspective yet, but here it is: Angela Warthog is a long wanted criminal.”

Angela Warthog in California from the Warthog Chronicles

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Movie Critique: Ant-man

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think about the ant-sized superhero that was coming soon to theaters. I couldn’t help but think, “Wait, so we have a Batman and a Spiderman. Now … Ant-man?” So, I went into the theater with low expectations; high expectations could disappoint. But, surprisingly, I actually liked the movie enough to give time to writing up a good critique on it, because good movies deserve good critiques. And I won’t be as brutal as I was in the God’s Not Dead post, so don’t worry. That one was … yeah, a lot of fun on my part.

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Writing Tips: Quirks – The Pros and Cons

I’m sure all you writers have heard that your characters need quirks … especially your major characters, such as the protagonist and antagonist. Foreshadowing and background adds quirks to the character, makes him unique. Especially if the quirk has an effect on the story and ties in with the character’s personality, his problems or desire. It can be a subtle quirk, an oddity, an out-of-place physical appearance, a gait, the way she talks while twisting her hair, even his tendency to say “UM” very loudly in the middle of sentence transition. They can also make your characters memorable and even act as a symbol to remember a character by. Jack Sparrow, for example, has that strange, (and yet awesome) walk of his which communicates that his character is a bit off the rocker. Ahab has that wooden peg for a leg because Moby Dick bit it off during their first encounter, which is why he now wants vengeance upon Moby Dick in the story.

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Recipes: Hannah Heath’s Cottleston Pie

Hannah Heath is the author of a yet-to-be-published YA fantasy series, a blogger, a good friend of mine, and an awesome person overall. (Her name is a link to her blog.) On her blog, she posts stuff on writing tips, her writing, and her life as a Lymie (she has Lyme disease). She also posts her own recipes from books, imitations of the different kinds of food that the characters from that book ate. One of my favorite recipes of hers that I tried is Cottleston Pie from Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne.Read More »

Film Scores: Mr. Tumnus and the Narnia Lullaby

Since this is my first post, and since my blog is called Tea with Tumnus, I thought it would be fitting to write up a little something about the faun from Narnia and the song he plays on his pipe, called the Narnia Lullaby.Read More »