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  • Top 10 Relaxing Soundtracks

    Top 10 Relaxing Soundtracks

    We’re all familiar with soundtracks, whether for films, TV series, or video games. There are classics, such as John Williams’s Star Wars theme, Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean score, and Jeremy Soule’s Dragonborn from Skyrim: Elder Scrolls. These are all epic and upbeat and perfect for getting things done to and just listening to […]

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  • 3 Writing Exercises with Music

    Sometimes you need to take a break from your main writing project. Spending all your writing time on just one project can get overwhelming and you might notice that your coffee fuel starts draining faster the longer and more often you spend working on one particular story. When it comes to my writing for Fiction’s […]

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  • Michael’s Movie Mentions: James Horner – 1953-2015

    Michael’s Movie Mentions: James Horner – 1953-2015

    On June 22, 2015, renowned film composer James Horner died from a plane crash at age 61. James Horner was one of the most prolific film composers of the modern era, regarded by The Guardian as “one of the most successful and admired composers of film soundtracks in Hollywood.” Among his many scores are those […]

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  • Film Scores: John Williams Composing for Star Wars Episode VII

    Film Scores: John Williams Composing for Star Wars Episode VII

    That’s right, folks! Set to be released on December 18, 2015 (come on, December!), Star Wars Episode VII will not only have Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford acting, but also John Williams composing, with, of course, the London Symphony Orchestra (the best I know of). After all, Star Wars sure wouldn’t be Star Wars […]

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