The Writer’s “Get to Know Me” Tag

I ran faster, the stitch in my side forgotten. I felt exhausted and frustrated at how serious this seemingly innocent game of tag had become. I mean, no game of tag has ever existed for two hours, and being anxiety-prone isn’t helping each time I spot a fellow player with impish intent all over their face. When the game started, we were all amateur bloggers, trying to make friends in the otherwise unfriendly world of the Internet. How did it become such a stressful game of every man for himself?

My heart nearly stopped in my chest as I turned a corner and met a dead end; a huge wall of wood spanning about twenty feet in width and length barricaded any other hopes of hiding. Someone had generously graffitied “BLOGGER’S BLOCK” in big black letters across the wall. So this is how it ends, then. But then I heard footsteps, getting louder at an even faster rate than my growing apprehension. When I whipped around, I stood face to face with another runner in the game. It was a girl with long brown hair, braces, and an unexpectingly friendly smile. She reached out, tapped me, and whispered, “tag!” I immediately fell unconscious.

The Writers Get to Know Me Tag - Tea with Tumnus

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Tag You’re It: The Infinity of Dreams Award and 11 Questions Answered

A while ago I was tagged by a blogger who I like never mention at all: the brilliant, word-savvy friend and co-writer Hannah Heath (thank you Hannah) with her tag called the “Infinity of Dreams Award.” Whoo! If that title doesn’t sound ambitious, I don’t know what does. I suggest you hop on over and check out her blog. Even if you’re not a writer, those of you who like a good sense of humor and a load of nerd references would really enjoy those posts. Plus, she recently published her debut short story Skies of Dripping Gold, which is a must-read for everyone.

Now then, on to answer those 11 questions and tag other bloggers below. (Why is it always 11 questions? Just a wandering thought.)

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In Which I am Tagged for the Liebster Award and Answer Random Questions

A while ago I was tagged by Gabrielle Massman for the Liebster Award. I try not to get involved in most personal tag chains, as that is not what this blog is about, but since these questions seem more blog-relevant and for the importance of the Liebster Award, I decided to do this one. So, here goes. Continue reading “In Which I am Tagged for the Liebster Award and Answer Random Questions”